Perrin Kaplan: Wii Features Rolled Out at 'Pace That Makes Sense'

While hardcore gamers want to see everything the Wii can offer right now (you know, like actual online gameplay...) NoA VP Perrin Kaplan told us during DICE that Nintendo is selectively rolling features out to make it palatable to the mass market consumer. Also, could a Wii hardware revision be in the works? Massive interview awaits...

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PS360WII4258d ago

BIZ: Is it Nintendo's goal to become #1 in the gaming space again, or does that even matter since the company is hugely profitable and obviously as a business that's what matters most?

PK: We've never had a time that we haven't been profitable. It depends on how you define #1...

BIZ: Well in terms of market share and selling more systems than Sony or Microsoft over the next 5 years...

PK: I will tell you our priorities are to continue to do what we've been doing for all of these years, ever since we've been in business, and that's to remain profitable. The other companies have yet to accomplish that really... so we've remained #1 in terms of that since the get go. As far as market share and units, coming out of the holiday we've sold the most hardware and the most software, so I think we're #1 there. But sure, we'd love to have it all and I think we can have it all. What's most important, however, is to be a healthy, profitable company... Microsoft is probably the only company that could have survived in this business this long having lost as much money as they did. They're trying to do some creative and innovative things and we give them credit for that.