Crackdown vs. Grand Theft Auto

GameDaily pit the Microsoft knock-off against the classic series to see which comes out on top.

At first glance, the Xbox 360 game Crackdown seems like just another Grand Theft Auto knock-off. Both let players carjack vehicles, roam freely around vibrant 3-D worlds and batter old people for kicks. It's no wonder, since the same guy who created GTA, heads up the Crackdown development crew. Thus, an inevitable showdown must occur, Crackdown versus Grand Theft Auto. A battle for the ages. A clash of titans. A Wrestlemania main event. A contest that yields one (and only one) undisputed champion.

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kamakazi4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

well that was pointless. how do you compare graphics with a game we have no details on. no knock off will ever beat GTA

grifter i know crackdown is out....but what do you know aboUt GTA

grifter0244258d ago

No knock off will ever beat gta.. In that statement you said it all. "Knock off" duplicate, identical,ripoff ... The only way gta is still the #1 free roam is because it is the First of its kind. Nothing will beat the first plain and simple. The game is already out so reviews are coming in for Crackdown so saying you have no details on it is a false statment.

joemutt4258d ago

Hes talking about GTA, seriously have you got any news on this game? I havent Seen a single screenshot, or read a single preview. So how can you compare the two?

Crackdown is fun as hell, I bet you cant pick up a dumptruck and throw it at someone it GTA. Im glad to see some new improvements over the genre. Doing the same old stuff in GTa gets boring real fast. Jack car, drive, shoot, jack motorcycle, drive, shoot, jack bicycle, drive, shoot. Over and over.

THAMMER14258d ago

But I have to admit that GTA needs to come out swinging like Roy Jones JR. I'll buy GTA no matter what.

If you have not played CRACK DOWN yet you are missing out big time.

Just imagine if Mario 64 and Robocop had a baby than that Baby took some ACID then listened to some Rick James and Mega Death 4 a months with out any sun light then you have CRACK DOWN.

Black Republican4258d ago


but i personally like crackdown better, I think it is more fun..
i mean u cal leap building, blow the hell out of things, pick up ur enemies throw them at other enemies, throw cars etc etc

but at the same time, u gotta give props to the originator..

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The story is too old to be commented.