New God of War II Screenshots

27 new God of War II screenshots have been released.

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techie4438d ago

HOW is this done on the ps2!!!??? How! Wahhhhhhhh. It looks so smooth and shaded so well...I don't get it...with only 32mb video memory.......wahhhhhhhh. This is a very good sign for the ps3...Why I hear you ask? Because it will have a generation jump in its graphics as did the ps2...

I dont know whether I can say the same of the 360 only because there wasn't uch a jump in xbox game graphics...but I wouldn't rue it out. I just think all the pwer is hidden in Playstations and takes agaes to get out. Good or bad? I say good.

Neutral Gamer4438d ago

You're right, how did they make it so smooth? You have to look pretty close to see any jagged edges - it's as smooth as a PC game!

I really enjoyed the first game so I can't wait for this, but what about the PS3? Is there gonna be a dedicated version released? Cos if it looks this good on the non-HD PS2 imagine how sweet it'll look on the PS3!

techie4438d ago

Oh yeah good idea. Though you can play it on the ps3, they could milk it and make an hd-optimized version (though I hear they tried to make it as good as possible for hd-tv's anyway - i'd like to see an hd comparison with the first god of war)