Wii drought: The facts

Last October, during an interview with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime declared that Wii wouldn't suffer the same, infamous, new game drought that had afflicted previous Nintendo consoles. His reasoning was that three giant gaming brands - Zelda, Metroid and Mario - would "continue driving momentum through 2007," and give Wii the support it needed to keep gamers interested.

Back to the present, however, and two of those vital titles are lacking concrete launch dates. Both Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy - probably the biggest and most anticipated game yet to be released on Wii - look unlikely to appear until Christmas. So with the big hitters out of the action, how exactly does the number of games currently available for Wii compare with the early-doors experience of N64 and GameCube buyers?

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wolfgang4283d ago

Well even with the "wii drought" they are still selling every console as soon as it get to the retailer. They are in no rush to deliver new games right now :(

FeralPhoenix4283d ago

Customers who have owned the system since launch should expect to have a decent assortment of new games to play until the Metroid or something BIG arrives at Christmas, I mean honestly "Wii Sports" and "Zelda" are good games but they will only last for so long, then what? -Nintendo needs to have more great games lined up in the NEAR FUTURE, sure they are still selling well but that's to the "new" customers who haven't played any games yet and eventually even new "potential" customers will start to look at the "whole" game library and ask, "Hey what's new?" Don't get me wrong Wii is cool(if you like those types of games) but I do think that 3rd party support is eventually going to hurt them alot.

PS360WII4283d ago

Next week Wii gets SSX. March has Tiger Woods, Godfather, PoP, Cooking Mama. April has Super Paper Mario. Manhunt 2 is coming sometime soon. Along with all them VC titles they are set for a bit!

MikeGdaGod4283d ago

this is why i waited on the Wii. i was never too impressed with Wii sports, not a BIG Zelda fan, and i'm tired of Mario. i think i'll wait a while longer before i buy one. $250 isn't a lot of money but with my 360 and PS3 i don't think i would get much use out the Wii.