Resident Evil: Extinction 'Vegas'

Milla Jovovich is back in action, here is a trailer for the Resi Evil movie due out this Fall.

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grifter0244254d ago

As a big fan of the game.. Ive played them all from 0 to 4 and I gotta say .. Im pretty disappointed about the whole plot.. The only thing it has that ties with the movie is Umbrella and the name Resident Evil.. It would have been cool to see some familiar faces like Leon or Clair . I am glad they put Jill in the second one though wonder if shell be in this one Olivera is in it so who knows. Movie producers never make a good Game to Movie adaptation and they should stop trying.

Neutral Gamer4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

I enjoyed the first two films, although when I watched them I had never played the Resident Evil games so I can understand why some fans of the games were disappointed that they didn't have the same atmosphere.

I think they were expecting more Japanese horror rather than American horror action, but still as films in their own right I thought they were really good and unlike most video game based films they actually had a half decent plot!

I'll watch the film, but am I the only one who thought of MAD MAX after seeing the trailer?!

Setting it outdoors in the daytime with loads of space around you doesn't provide the same tension as the indoors set first film and largely night time, locked in a city set second film does it?

Black Republican4254d ago

i cant wait till this comes out, its been a while ! ! ! !
didnt like the affects too much of pt2, but this should look much better

Bad_Karma4254d ago

Cant ever get enough Resident Evil .

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