SEGA Responds To MadWorld Multiplatform Rumours News

TVG: "After rumours crept onto Australian sites today suggesting that MadWorld may be gearing up for a multiplatform release, we checked in with SEGA UK to see whether there was any substance behind the reports, where a Spokesperson for the publisher plainly told us that MadWorld is 'Only on Wii'.

The original reports came from a rating of the game by the Australian Classification Board, which gave MadWorld a Mature 15+ rating while also noting that the title is 'Multi Platform'."

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SuperSharpShooter5659d ago

shame that not going multi plat...(

PoisonousPoison5659d ago

Agreed sad really, one of those times I'm glad to have a Wii but sad that 360 and 'S3 owners can't play the game. Here's hoping that at least maybe a game of the same nature will be made multi-plat. Cause a game like this really could go places - Judging from the screen shots and the video it would be nice to see it on all three consoles. Which leaves me to wonder what Sega is thinking..

PS360WII5659d ago

Well there you have it. Either way I'll be playing it when it comes out :)

Fishy Fingers5659d ago

Yep, me to. Probably the first Wii game I'm truly excited to play. Absolutely love the art style. Sometimes less, really is more.

Chubear5659d ago

I've heard this all before. This game is locked to be on the PS2 later down the line.

FinalomegaS5659d ago

Says who? Because an other company does it doesn't mean every company has the resources to commit to making multiplat. Sega has been tight on the Nintendo console and I can't remember the last exclusive they made for the Cube or wii that has gone on the other side...can you?

WiiJunkii5658d ago (Edited 5658d ago )

I replied to a Chubear post on a Conduit story today, I thought he was just misinformed... but it seems (despite his dislike for it) he just follows Wii-Stories to rain on everyone's parade... I'm not sure what causes this sort of behavior.... but, I can't wait for Madworld... especially after hearing overwhelming positive feedback from a few hands-on reports.

ChickeyCantor5658d ago (Edited 5658d ago )

wishful thinking, just wishful thinking =) XD.

Seriously if you want to play the game, get a Wii.
That's all there is to it.

You would be supporting the industry waaaaay more.

jcgamer5659d ago

Wii WOULD like to play :)

but yeah, games like this and Punch Out! Wii have me thinking about purchasing a Wii at some point...game on Wii owners :)

Kushan5659d ago

Considering a LOT of Wii owners aren't "hardcore" gamers, I can't see Madworld selling all that well. I'm sure it'll profit, but I don't think it'd be a runaway success or anything. Really, this game deserves to be on the PS3 and 360, where there's easily a bigger audience that will appreciate it, but then again it could be like most Sega games these days - all style and no substance, which would certainly explain why they're sticking to the Wii.

FinalomegaS5659d ago

the production for a wii game isn't that high and generally M rated games sell well enough, even NMH is getting a part 2 so to us the sales may not seem that high but to them the devs maybe their expectations aren't 1st party high but something more realistic.

I will be getting this on Day 1, SF IV, and ummm I guess RE5 if I have time to play.

Zackstorm5658d ago

Sega's just the publisher. They have nothing to do with the developing. The development team is responsible for Okami and other great games full of substance.

Madworld shouldn't just be a stylish game that plays crappy.

WiiJunkii5658d ago

There is certainly an ahem... "hardcore" Wii audience, and they will support this and other titles like it. keep in mind, the difference in development costs involved with producing a Wii title versus an HD title. Fewer units sold can in some cases turn a higher profit for the devs/pubs than with a game that costs 3 or 4 times more to develop.

Fernando Rocker5658d ago


Did you see the NPD Software Sales for December 2008? And did you see the software sales report for all 2008?

The Wii was the console who sold most software. PS3 owners are really the ones not buying enough software. Not even first party exclusive games.

Kushan5658d ago

Fernando, I wasn't questioning how much software as a whole the Wii sells, rather I was questioning the genres of software that the Wii sells. Things like Mario and Wii Fit are the console's masterpieces and they're not exactly "mature" games.
We'll see what happens, though, as I said I'm sure it'll make a nice profit, I'm just not convinced it'll profit better on the Wii than another console.

ChickeyCantor5658d ago (Edited 5658d ago )

This game got lots of "core" gamers interest.
Some are even willing to a buy a wii for this.

Also if Sega promotes this game right it will sell.

Also remember, Developers don't need the same amount of money back as they would on a project for the 360 or PS3 to make a profit.

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