Wii Could Hit 30% of U.S. Households - Analyst

Merrill Lynch has predicted that 30% of U.S households will own a Wii by 2011. The analyst says the figure in Japan could be as high as 33%.

The prediction comes in the aftermath of extraordinary results for Nintendo's console, outselling all competitors in North America and Japan, and riding high in Europe prior to PS3's introduction there.

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Captain Tuttle4259d ago

Once my kids get a little older. It's good for families.

PureGamer4259d ago

bored of it, i dunno why but the controller gimic as lost its affect already :(

Boon Tarkas4259d ago

Yah. Right about the time that both yours' and mine grandmas get a Zelda tattoo. As if.

PS360WII4259d ago

Accually I think that 30% is a bit low really. In Japan I think almost everyone will own a Wii and in the US will have plenty (more than 30% surely) and the rest of the world will embrace it too.

And Overrated saying the controller is a gimick over and over doesn't make it true. 5 million and counting people love this system

Covenant4259d ago

1. It's relatively cheap, as new consoles go, and can drop in price faster than the others

2. It's family-friendly. Everyone from the kids to Grandma can play

3. Assuming developers can continue to find interesting uses for the Wiimote, lots of potential

4. Virtual Console

Drawbacks: No HD support (but not everyone wants this in their gaming system), and the possibility that the motion controls could quickly devolve into a "gimmick." No online play (but most Wii gamers don't seem too concerned right now).