Real Time Worlds ponders Crackdown 2

The first game isn't out until tomorrow, but already developer Real Time Worlds has ideas for a sequel to its open-ended 360 title Crackdown.

In an interview with CVG, senior designer Stephen Iannetta said that he would love to make a sequel to the crime-buster and take the concept forward. "We've learnt some lessons and if we did do Crackdown 2... I'd love to see it happen," he said.

"I think again it comes to how you can really choose how you approach the missions, and I'd really like to turn the contrast up on that. I'd really like to look at giving the players so many options at how they can do it."

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SuperSaiyan44308d ago

Learnt some lessons? So what, that basically is telling me the game that is out tomorrow is messed up!

eques judicii4308d ago

nah, the game is really addicting and is actually a lot of fun to play... what they probably mean are technical stuffs and some other things that were not gonna go into this one anyhow. its pretty common when your developingi an application to learn "lessons" while doing it and not implementing these things until the next release.

shotty4308d ago

I have the game and it's honestly is addictive, the city is so incredibly detailed. I think what he is talking about is how you approach the missions, to probably freshen it for the squel.

PS360PCROCKS4308d ago

Haha awesome and this time they can include the Gears Of War 2 Beta, that would be sweet!

Martini4308d ago

Next crackdown they should have some kind of a glider/parachute that you can unlock - that would be a lot of fun and easy to do !

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The story is too old to be commented.