Final Fantasy VII PS3 Hitting in April

Kombo Writes: "Square-Enix has revealed the first image of the limited edition Final Fantasy VII PS3. Pictured on the right, you'll see the Final Fantasy VII style PS3. Dubbed 'Cloud Black', this PS3 will come individually numbered and packaged with a BluRay version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Of course, the real appeal of getting Advent Children Complete on BluRay is the Final Fantasy XIII demo."


Bigger image at the link.

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Simon_Brezhnev3893d ago

lol im reading headline thinking they bringing the ps1 version to the psn but i was wrong :(

chaosatom3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Almost forgot that there is FF7 blu-ray movie.

But Seriously, I don't want Square Enix doing FF7 right now. They just haven't Justified themselves to the ps3 owners.

Panthers3893d ago


Or at least has English Subtitles? I have never seen Advent and I would love to experience it for the first time in Blu-Ray. I would love an english release, but subtitles would be great too.

Nathan Drake3893d ago

Ha,if FF7 was to ever be remade,I'm pretty sure Microsoft would shut down another first party studio to get it as an exclusive

chaosatom3893d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

here is the reasoning.

If it comes to us, then it should have a demo, right? But then Xbox can't play blu-ray, so it would piss MS, which Square will never do.

EDIT: wait, nvm there are english voice over.

But I can like to able to see some of the Awesome CGI, so i can torrent it and stream it using tversity when it comes out.

thePatriot3893d ago

is as big as the hype for kilzone2 in U.S. if not bigger. and its only a demo

Panthers3893d ago

I might just have to import it IF they have subtitles.

If not then I will wait patiently for a US release. I dont even care about a demo because I will buy FFXIII no matter what.

incogneato3892d ago

super gay. they are milking the ff7 series for all its worth and not giving fans what they really want: A FREAKIN REMAKE

Bonsai12143892d ago

haha, headline got me excited. trickery... this will heat up sooo fast.

TheTwelve3892d ago

What a tease. I almost had a minor heart attack with this headline.


Aclay3892d ago


This FF Advent Children Complete will have both English and Japanese Voice overs.

INehalemEXI3892d ago

yup, my heart skipped a beat too.

Sheddi3892d ago

Those mother F***ers!!!!
What the hell is wrong with them? Just release FF7 on PSN! IS IT SO F***ING HARD!
(sorry for my bad language but I think u guys understand my feelings.)

shine13963892d ago did your job so bloodly well!!!

hook, line, and sinkered.

cayal3892d ago

"Ha,if FF7 was to ever be remade,I'm pretty sure Microsoft would shut down another first party studio to get it as an exclusive "

They can't, I believe Sony own part of it.

ppisatosspot3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

@Nathan Drake

Micro$oft can never get Final Fantasy 7 as Sony has the publishing rights to it. Its the only Final Fantasy where they have the rights to. They don't have the rights to FF8, 9, 10,11 and 12 tho.

Also considering Sony had a major hand in FF7 you will never see a FF7 game outside the Playstation Brand (besides mobile games)

SaiyanFury3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Square-Enix loved the PS3 originally. This was demonstrated by the FFVII Tech Demo. But in it's first year the PS3 didn't pan out as S-E figured it would so they went to the 360, with a donation or two from an anonymous company. Now S-E swears no loyalty to anyone, but seems to have a fetish for everything 360. Star Ocean 4 on a non PS console? Considering the last 2 were only on PS consoles, there seems to be something going on. Do they expect Star Ocean 4 to sell more on the 360 in Japan when it has less than half of the install base? Sorry, Square-Enix is a corporation that wants money, and Microsoft have obviously appealed to them in that regard. Squaresoft was a developer looking to develop the best games on a platform. S-E versus Squaresoft; Squaresoft will get my vote every single time.

As for an FFVII remake, Sony co-owns the rights to FFVII as they co-published it on the original PS. So I doubt that a remake could be possible on a non-Sony console.

Itrguy0013892d ago

wow u guys must really like final fantasy 7 huh? i got FF7 on both the PC and PS1 discs

prowiew3892d ago

Ok kool. Now go make a remake of it on ps3

gaffyh3892d ago

Pretty good idea on Sony's part, this PS3 might sell a LOT, just because it is associated with FF7. Although I expected this to say FF7 PSN, but whatever...

Danja3892d ago

This FFV11 SKU looks rather plain and boring but im sure it will sell well in Japan.....but im def getting the advent children Blu Ray , prolly just import it...

Shadow Flare3892d ago

If japan gets advent children alot sooner then europe does, then im getting the japanese copy. I don't understand japanese, i need english subtitles, but i hate the english voice acting so much in that film i would gladly rather listen to it all in japanese with no subtitles. I've seen the film enough to understand what they're saying anyway. The japanese voice acting just for some reason sounds perfect for how i imagined the characters would sound. The english voice acting is awful in my opinion. It makes me cringe. So its japan edition for me

IdleLeeSiuLung3892d ago

Doesn't that suspiciously look identical to the gunmetal grey MGS4 Limited Edition PS3?

I paid a gazillion for it, $600+, at the time. Feeling ripped off even more now if they are making one identical to it with a cooler artwork on it....

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elorm93893d ago

Meh, it's just a different colored PS3 with some small image on it :|

Ichiryoka3893d ago

Do you know what the image is?

Panthers3893d ago

Im going to take a wild guess and say Ifirit or Bahamut.

Dont bash me if I am wrong please ;)

Ichiryoka3893d ago

BUt I'm sorry to say thats not right, it has to do with Cloud though, so any one else want to give it a go?

MattyF3893d ago

It's the lion face that Cloud has on his earring and chest.

Panthers3892d ago

I never knew about an earing. Was that only in the movie?

MattyF3892d ago

You'll notice the earring in the movie but I believe he had one in the game but it wouldn't have been too detailed.

Ichiryoka3892d ago

And it's a symbol of Cloud's guilt and regret. As a result of being unable to
do anything to save Aerith and Zack, he blamed himself for their deaths. The
symbolism of the wolf also works in regard to the expression "lone wolf," as
Cloud has chosen to live away from others while he awaits death from
Geostigma. Continuing this line of symbolism, Cloud wears symbols of a wolf's
head and his motorcycle is named "Fenrir," the name bore by Loki's wolf child
in Norse Mythology.

shawnsl653892d ago

it's what i have on my vest.

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Hiruma Youchi3893d ago

Title is misleading. And they could do better. Thats kind of lame for a limited edition console. Put some Color on it and Cloud with his sword and other VII Character drawings on it.

Jager3893d ago

Hell, they should of had this
logo on the PS3..

joeyda3893d ago

What about the Final Fantasy XIII log---- oh yea, ooops.