Assassin's Creed to feature downloadable content

The US Official PlayStation Magazine has published a few new snippets of info that should be of interest. Firstly, the mag noted that the game will be released in Europe early in 2007 on the PlayStation 3 (although rumour has it that the game will also arrive on Xbox 360 at some point). The magazine also reveals that we can expect new game content delivered over the internet, and some form of multiplayer co-op play.

bernie6567d ago

The Xbox360 version was playable at E3, IGN reported playing it at Sony's booth on the 360 (it was sort of like an 'IN' joke at the show) :)

OutLaw6567d ago

But people will say that it was only a rumor. As for me, I do believe it's coming out for both systems. Unlike other companies, Ubisoft isn't a Japanese company. So They don't feel the pressure to make only for Sony.

THELANDSOFSAND6567d ago (Edited 6567d ago )

that wasn't a rumor, they ran a generic PS2-look-a-like USB controller into a 360, which was hidden under a sheet. then they told everyone it was the PS3 version.


it was sad.

InSpectre6567d ago

As far as I can tell only one person said it was running on a 360 and/or using a 360 controller. That apparently false report then spread across the internet.

That doesn't mean it won't come to the 360, but because only one person out of hundreds of publications reported that story pretty much means it wasn't true.

Anyway, the game should be good.


one person? what are you talking about? several people from E3 have stated the Assasins Creed coverup. It's all over the net!

JIN KAZAMA6567d ago

you guys are just plain dumb if you believe SONY was using a 360 to show off the game. Take off your blinders for the 360 man. You sound so stupid.

6567d ago
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DC RID3R6567d ago

i wonder how much sony are gonna charge for thw d/l packs??

andy capps6567d ago

Probably comparable to the downloadable content available for Xbox 360 titles.

THELANDSOFSAND6567d ago (Edited 6567d ago )

1- downloadable content and multiplayer are awesome for any game. this is one more reason for people to buy this game.

2- I presume they will have the same downloads and options on the 360 version.

3- 2007? weak!

FamoAmo6567d ago

Assassins was developed usinf the 360 dev kit!! Why do you think the screens looks so good? No other Sony game looks this good. The game is almost looking polished. These are most likely 360 screens but since its releasing on ps3 first they are saying ps3!! And also at E3 this game was running on the 360!!

achira6567d ago

keep dreaming on, hahhaaa

shoota336567d ago (Edited 6567d ago )

There wont be a 360 version dumbass stop dreaming.Nothing was said of a 360 version you xbox 1.5 fanboys want this game so bad and you wish you had it but you dont so stfu.all you stupid ass still think the RUMER of this game running on xbox 1.5 is true when ubisoft already said it was running on a xbots are so ignorant you only want to listen to rumers and not the truth.

OutLaw6567d ago

Move on with your opinion. Nobody really cares.

joemutt6567d ago

I mean gametime, why are you posting on a 360 website?


gametime, you are literally the only one on this whole site who doesn't know/believe that Assasins Creed is coming to the 360.

Why are you delusional?

TheMART6567d ago

Hey it's ssj again in the form of gametime


achira6567d ago

haha you will never get assasin creed on your weak crapbox. nothing changes if you invent rumours, hahhaaa

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