Left behind need a miracle

The game sure generated a lot of debates, but it failed to generate revenues.

Yesterday the Left Behind Games announced its financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2006, and it posted sales of just over $2.2 million. The entirety of that sum was due to sales of Left Behind Games' first product, the PC real-time strategy game Left Behind: Eternal Forces, which launched in mid-November.

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Karebear4345d ago

This game is so so very wrong. I can only imagine what the uproar would have been had it been a different religion saying "convert or die" to another major religion practiced in the country that this was marketed to.

Imagine if you will for a moment, the people in England who listed Jedi as their religion on the census. These, 'Jedi', are being invaded by hoardes of nogood Trekers, phasers drawn, set to medium well done.

"Live long and prosper," they said at first. It quickly became evident that their true intentions were only out to convert these savages to the ways of the Kirk.

"Convert to the ways of the Trek, it is for your own good," they said, in stilted over acted, sentance fragments. "The Great Bird of the galaxy will be returning from the dead soon! You must convert from your heathen 'magical force' worshiping ways!"

"The Force (c) flows through all living things, surely you can feel it too?" The 'Jedi' said.

"The only thing that will flow through you is a phaser you Klingon cabana boy!"

Violence ensues. Silly isn't it? Why are those talk bubbles dissapp.....

wolfgang4345d ago

I heard somewhere that they are being sued by some muslims group.

deadeyes994343d ago

yeah maybe if this game didn't suck so bad