PS3 Australian Launch Details

Kotaku has posted some new details about the PS3 Australian Launch

-March 23, AUD$999.95 confirmed as launch details

-There'll be over 30 games available for the Australian launch.

-All first-party Sony titles will be AUD.$99.95

-Sixaxis confirmed as $79.95, Blu-Ray remote at $49.95.

-Australian launch units will ship with firmware version 1.5

-Like Europe, they be getting Casino Royale at launch, and like Europe, it'll go to those who are the first register their new consoles on the PlayStation network. Only the first 20,000 to register will score one, though.

-Gran Turismo HD will be available at launch.

-QANTAS are going to be giving away 1000 PS3s in a competition. Sounds great, but considering they're rumoured to be getting only 11,000 consoles at launch giving away 1000 in a competition is a bit rich.

-No price point has been determined yet for microtransactions over the service.

-Interestingly, the HDD swap-out was emphasised on-stage, two Sony PR men showing a 120GB third-party drive next to the PS3 and saying it's easy to "upgrade".

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