More Forza Motorsport 2 Cars Unveiled

Nothing says quality like German engineering.

The weekly Forza Motorsport 2 car unveilings continue with the first look at two more cars officially confirmed to be in the game. One from BMW and the other from Volkswagen.

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no_more_heroes4284d ago

Are these ingame shots? They look just a little too pretty to be in-game shots.

Antan4283d ago

Ill stick my neck on the line and say they are ingame shots taken using photo mode.

Juevani4284d ago

none of them is in-game pics and that makes them useless specially when we all know the game will look alot worse than that in-game..

bung tickler4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

you are a troll, i believe he was asking for someone that actually knows what they are talking about to answer in a non-troll way... like by providing a link stating one way or the other.

you would do everyone on this site a huge favor by never posting here again.

wolfgang4283d ago

So you keep saying Killzone 2 cgi was in-game but you cannot believe a nexgen console can do did ?

leon4283d ago

i am a member of and these are 100% ingame screenies.

microsoft game studios do not release "target renders" or "cg"
they only release ingame footage or screen caps

so do us all a favour and just crawl back in to the hole you came from

THAMMER14284d ago

I hope they are in game. I can almost smell new car when I look at those pics. GAME ON

leon4283d ago

gran turisimo hd, the demo that only has ONE car on the screen, has a flat bitmapped backgrounds (using a paralax scrolling trick, to con you the backgrounds are 3d)
the cars have no damage modeling, no force feedback....keep dreaming.

forza 2 has 8 cars on track per race, each car has up to 4 polygon layers (for damage modeling)
it is running full metallic shaders and spherical harmonics

all backgrounds are FULLY POLYGONAL 3D, supports full force feedback

GTHD was a one car tech demo, all the programing was aimed on the car and only one car on the screen at once, real tech heavy on the system...NOT

JOLLY14283d ago

Leon, You are completely corrrect. I love that there are no building (actually I think there is one), one car (that sure can jump well), a tunnel (that doesn't put shadows on the car), and 3d spectators. Well at least they made some nice spectators. Don't get me wrong gt has put out some visually stunning games for the ps2. Just don't compare a one car demo to a true racing simulator....not a driving simulator (which happens to be gt's motto)

Shadow Flare4283d ago

I'm sure these are in-game screenshots. They look pretty, but they still don't float my boat. This still so obviously fake, they don't look real enough. Like all 360 racers, the cars are too shiny, too sharp, they don't blend into the environment and they real stick out from the scenery. I agree with conan, GTHD is nicer

wolfgang4283d ago

I won't debate the graphics with you but I can tell you Forza is know for its great gameplay. I'm happy to see those graphics, but I would have bought it anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.