Forbes Magazine slams Rockband

That Gaming Site writes: "Is Rock band a 'shameless' rip off of Guitar Hero? According to the latest article from Forbes Magazine it is."

raiden_935372d ago

Little bit of a journalistic slant there and a pretty pathetic comment to go along with it. You've gotta love it when journalists get things wrong and then make it worse.

Elven65372d ago

I guess he was so giddy being around Bobby he drank Activision's lemonade and went with it?

sa_nick5372d ago

Indeed. And it's even funnier with the " Intelligent Investing | Data | Knowledge | Insight | Wisdom" bit under the article.

acedoh5372d ago

Some journalists really should only be doing editorials. So I guess by improving a concept and making it better it's a rip-off??? So Guitar Hero adding drums to their game also makes it a rip-off now???

Good ideas are always copied. WIthout things being copied we wouldn't see improvements over the original products. To bad this writer wants to spread his bias to the world...

sa_nick5372d ago

"So I guess by improving a concept and making it better it's a rip-off???"

Well the point is, Rock Band didnt steal the idea and improve the concept. The makers of Rock Band, Harmonix, are the people who made Guitar Hero, they were improving on their own ideas.

The makers of GH3, GH aerosmith, GH:WT etc (neversoft, from tony hawks fame) are the ones who took the idea from Harmonix and "improved" it.

Of course by "improved" I mean they whored it out and tried to rack in as much cash as they possibly could, without actually making a good, fun game.

TheDude2dot05372d ago

Omigod! Harmonix is stealing a concept they developed in the first place! It's a conspiracy!

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raiden_935372d ago

I imagine a scene where both ther interviewer and Bobby are chatting about Rockband and Bobby is telling him how evil Rockband is and that Guitar Hero is good and will make all your dreams come true and the interviewer just lapping it up!

Cernex5372d ago

This is... pretty pathetic. But, in the end, what else culd you expect from Forbes?

PirateThom5372d ago

What makes it most funny is that Rock Band is made by the original Guitar Hero developer.

harv0525372d ago

Ha! That's exactly what I was going to say!!!

Max Power5372d ago

thing i thought after i read the summary.

RebornSpy5372d ago

you can't rip yourself off...

Or can you? O.o

noxeven5372d ago

if harmonix and red octane didnt split rock band would have been the new guitar hero and it wouldnt have taken red octane so long to make world tour. both have there ups and downs and seriously this journalist is a moron anyway

Elven65372d ago

I agree, both have their ups and downs, but to go as far as attack one for being remotely similar to the other is wrong and definitely unprofessional for someone of his position.

tgh machines5372d ago

Red Octane Never made GH or RB, neversoft is making the new GHs, Red Octane makes the hardware for both RB and GH.