A new direction for the prince?

Assassin's Creed is borrowing heavily from the Prince's moves, but it won't replace the full-blown next-gen platformer that the developers at Ubisoft are already crafting. After the time-traveling trilogy played out in Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones, this new game won't pick up where the Prince left off, but will be the beginning of an all-new saga.

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wildcat4254d ago

This should be a good game if they get the prince's charisma from the Sands of Time and create that middle-eastern feeling again.

miasma4254d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this game (the entire trilogy), i was really hoping they would do another game or story line and bring it out on the new consoles. Can't wait.

techie4254d ago

Great! The platforming n this game is the best I ever seen. And the fighting from the 2nd and third games was a charm. And the incredible philosophical storyline of the 2nd was a charm also (I study philosophy). For me this games gameplay outshone God of War, even though it wasn't quite as grand and had quite a lot of stumbles. I just loved the plaforming, where Krato just has a double jump.

Also the 2nd game was the best in terms of storyline, and a way of making the game think its over, when you're only half way through - making it feel oh so much longer. Fake endings are always the best for a game - and sadly the thirdgame was a bit of a let down since it's first ending was its finale and was about 12hours long.

This will be great on next-gen platforms. Can't wait - I just hope they spend a lot of time on it, since they shot out prince of persia 2 and 3 in a year for development for each of them - crazy to think that really.

miasma4254d ago

Deepbrown, the fighting mechanics were amazingly fun in the second and third. The only thing i missed in the third was the occassional quick action camera shot when you threw a weapon at an enemie.

Example, i remember numerous times when i was practically surrounded by enemies and fighting them off with a sword in one hand and an axe in the other, then beating a couple of guys back and from a distance throwing the axe and the camera would swing around the back of the enemy, showing you in the distance and the axe in slow motion flying at the enemy and removing his head. Then the camera would quickly get back on you and the fighting at hand. That stuff just blew me away when you pulled it off and made things so much more exciting and emersive.

it may have only been me, but in the third one i wasn't able to get that kind of action, even though the fighting was about the same. Was that just me? i mean i like the death blow thing in the third one, but wasn't really blown away by it, and don't really care if it is in the next one or not.
yeah, i was also a little let down by the third one, it seemed like it was just rushed out, but still a great game and a good end for the trilogy. LOL, yeah the last killing blow in that end scene in the third one was long as hell, i practically went and did some laundery and came back for the finish...

techie4254d ago

You know what I missed! And which looked absolutely crap was that here in Europe we didn't have the heads being decapitated or bodies split in half like in the 2nd game, even though the killing moves were the same!!! So you'd get a slow down of the move and it would just look stupid with them falling to the ground once I'd just sliced two swords through their neck.

Also what I did miss from the first game was the graphics. I felt it looked cleaner in the sands of time...and muddy in the second two. But I expect this to change on next-gen systems, as they can do detail without it looking lame.

I will miss the sands of time - because what it meant was that you could have really hard platforming and not get frustrated. I just tried Ninja turtles, and they have 'similar' platforming, but it's frustrating because if you go wrong, you're dead and you just die.

I will be sad to see the time powers gone :( and I hope it doesnt mean that the plaforming gets simpler - but I will look forward to new platforming abilities.

miasma4254d ago

i guess that no decapitations or torn apart bodies could be a let down, i feel for ya.

yup, agree on the graphics. I, myself, wasn't let down by the muddier graphics too much but it wasn't as nice as the first one.

i also had this thought about the third one, although i loved it, but adding to that feeling i had of it being rushed, i felt that the third one tried too hard to get back to the first one. i mean, the graphics were muddy at some points but they were more like the first one than the second one. Also, i like the fact they went back to the the music scores they were working with in the first one as opposed to the rock music in the second one, but it felt disconnected in my opinion, but i guess if they were going back the other way there was no great way to pull it off, other than to just do it. And, what i was saying about not totally loving that extra death blow move in the third one also adds to my so-so feeling on the third one, i guess it was how they decided to advance the fighting style.

The time powers were done really well in that game, definitly. I see other games playing with the "time powers" topic. So maybe it is time to move on. i think a good creative team could come up with some new "abilities" that could be just as slick and even raise the bar in gaming....

techie4254d ago

The new god of war uses time-powers...

miasma4254d ago

that was the top game i had in mind when i mentioned it, but i am sure they will do it with some originality (hopefully). For me it would suck if it felt out of place or just sort of stuck on for an extra gimmick. i really enjoyed God of War 1, absolutely amazing game i thought.