December 2008 NPD: Top 20 Software Rankings

Top 20 Games of December 2008:
01. [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo) - 1460k
02. [360] Call of Duty: World at War* (Activision Blizzard) - 1330k
03. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) - 999k
04. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) - 878k
05. [WII] Guitar Hero World Tour* (Activision Blizzard) - 859k
06. [360] Gears of War 2* (Microsoft) - 745k
07. [360] Left 4 Dead (Electronic Arts) - 629k
08. [NDS] Mario Kart DS (Nintendo) - 540k
09. [PS3] Call of Duty: World at War (Activision Blizzard) - 533k
10. [WII] Animal Crossing: City Folk* (Nintendo) - 497k
11. [WII] Wii Music (Nintendo) - ~480k
12. [NDS] New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
13. [NDS] Personal Trainer: Cooking (Nintendo)
14. [360] Fallout 3* (Bethesda Softworks)
15. [NDS] Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Disney Interactive Studios)
16. [WII] Link's Crossbow Training (Nintendo)
17. [PS2] Guitar Hero World Tour* (Activision Blizzard)
18. [360] Madden NFL 09* (Electronic Arts)
19. [WII] Call of Duty: World at War (Activision Blizzard)
20. [WII] Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip (Ubisoft)

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original seed5245d ago

Wow, lets buy some games everybody. I only bought LBP but still, what about the die hard fans?

BulletToothtony5245d ago

Socom Confrontation
Crash Commando

and i did rent WAW i hated it..

now i have to wait till Killzone2, I might pick up LOtR Conquest thou.. I'm a big lotr fan

WANNA GET HIGH5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

Wow, so what happend to LBP going to have legs in christmas.... :/
only 1ps3 title.Looks like 2008 was not the year of the ps3 after all.And i bought resistance 2 but i did not finish it, i tought gears2 was better in both graphics and gameplay...

Psn id is jon_abobo. Add me, i want to make a clan for killzone 2.. :)

Dont think that ps3 owners are not critical of the ps3, i own one but i say the facts when i see something wrong.I did not like resistance2 and lbp,it was only motorstorm2 that i liked.Socom sucked a$$...But killzone 2 will own, i dont care what killzone2 sells as long as i have it.. ;-D

DNAgent5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

This is the TOP 20 list so it will only be filled with stuff that appeals more to the casual gamers like such as shovelware, sports, & shooters. The actual GOOD games are under all the garbage.

sinny5245d ago

Good games =/= sales

In fact the only Great games in that list are Left4Dead and Mario Kart DS

And i don't want to hear any xbot saying nothing, because that would mean only that they accept that the WII is the best console ever and that WII play is the best game ever created , and clearly are not.

Dmitry Orlov5245d ago

So, you're saying that GEoW2, L4D, GH:WT, Fallout 3 and CoD:WaW are all trash? I pity you.
You have some kinda twisted logic. All the games I mentioned above deserve attention and to played and loved. Disagree? Than get a life, droid.

Sonyslave35245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

no ps3 exclusive ahahahahhahahhahahhaha on the top 20 hey somebody get me the top 50 software ranking ahahahahahah

remember357- no it don't make feel good i don't even care about the sales it just sonyslaves who are feeling pretty sad right now that what funny.

RememberThe3575245d ago

The sad thing is that makes you feel good. You need to work on getting your life together man. If thats what makes you laugh I feel sorry for you.

truewittness5245d ago

i'm the most unbias person you'll ever come across, but.."Good games =/= sales", that's the biggest oxymoron i've ever heard.

sinny5245d ago

Then you are saying that Good games = Sales
how can be stupid to think that just because a game sells well doesn't mean that is good?
if that were true then in your opinion WII has the best games this gen?
Im not trying to pick a fight or something , i just want to know why you think that sales represent how good a game is

TheCagyDies5245d ago

Sales are facts.
If a game is good or bad is a personal opinion.
One may argue that all the Xbox 360 games are amazing and the PS3 games are crap.
One may argue that all the PS3 games are amazing and the Xbox 360 games are crap.
Who's right or who's wrong, we will never know.

jcgamer5245d ago


near, far
WHEREVER you are
i believe that Sony will go on...

lol :)

NICE software sales for the 360 and Wii.. :)

kewlkat0075245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

Still, WTF did MGS4 stop selling?

Where is LBP on the List?

Resistance 2?

I mean December is the busiest shopping month for the Industry, come on people, what you waiting for ,Spring? When everyone is broke and the industry is slow..I hope some are not waiting for Game Price-cuts as much as the console itself.

The Wii, Well Nintendo have done it again...not sure when it will slow down but I stopped paying attention.

Look, MS selling software,L4D(came out of nowhere) nothing new here. This is what Developers want to see.

We all know what happened to the Dreamcast and why...I love software numbers. That's what keeps my Hobby alive. Of course, The more hardware you sell, the more you ATTRACT DEVELOPERS. Easy as Pie.

jessupj5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

To the people that look at this and say 'well I guess it wasn't the year of the ps3 after all', here's something to think about. According to your logic wii play and wii fit are a few of the greatest games ever made, but of course that right there is enough to make any educated gamer with a decent taste is games laugh out loud.

I don't really believe in any of this "year of the *insert your console of choice*". But I do believe, I, as a ps3 owner have had a very good year, a better one than a 360 fan. I've enjoyed amazing games like MGS4 and LBP and plan to purchase a lot of others when I get the money. I won't bore you with another list of games.

I don't believe 360 fans got the same ammount of quality exclusives. Fable 2, Gears2 and Left for Dead are the only ones I'd buy if I had a 360.

Ps3 fans had a huge choice, so of course individual softwear sales are going to be low because there are spread over several titles, specially in november and December when we had a tidal wave of releases. However, the 360 had fewer AAA exclusives so individual softwear listing are going to be high because the sales are only spread on a few games.

Not the mention the uneducated parents. What do you the think the assistant is going to tell them when they ask 'what game do you reccomend getting little johnny on the 360 this christmas?'.

It all doesn't matter becuase sales don't have anything to do with quality. The wii has proved this so many times. Anyone pointing to sales and claiming they have better games because of that is just a fool and instantly lose all credibility in my eyes.

prowiew5244d ago

Top 10 isn't enough. I want top 20 from now on!

Thugbot1875244d ago

@jessupj - I guess where would I begin with a comment like "I don't believe 360 fans got the same amount of quality exclusive. Fable 2, Gears2 and Left for Dead are the only ones I'd buy if I had a 360. "

This year my top five exclusive in order

1.) Saints Row 2 - Way better than GTA
2.) Gears of War 2 - You feel like your in the game
3.) Left 4 Dead - Hours of fun
4.) Fable 2 - Never knew you could get an STD in a game
5.) Lost Odyssey - got my JRPG fix

On top of this like many PS3 Users we got great cross platform titles that were AAA.

It seems to me your are too busy hating Microsoft to realize that they actually have had a great library, and maybe they sold well because people liked what they had to offer.

No I don't own a PS3, is it because I hate Sony or think the PS3 sucks or I'm too broke to own a PS3? Absolutely not I like the PS3 just I have too many games for my 360, PC, DS and PS2 to play still. I have over 30 360 games, and more than 15 PC titles 5 DS games and a few PS2 titles. Just way too many games for me to keep up with. When the 360 stops having titles to keep me busy or the PS3 drops to a price I want to see I will buy a PS3 (and I'm sure I will get all the games I missed out on for 1/3 or less of the price).

y0haN5244d ago

Why do you guys care what games sell the most? Buy the games you like and play them jesus fuсking christ.

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WANNA GET HIGH5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

Wrong, i have both consoles and i think gears2 owned every game last year apart from mgs4.

RememberThe3575245d ago

It wasn't even as good a Gears 1(one of my favorite 360 games). But thats just my opinion. I'm sure Epic would be glad to here that your having a good time with it.

jessupj5244d ago

Look at it this way....

Lets say there's 25 people that are going to buy one 360 game in December. Lets also say there's another 20 people that are going to buy one ps3 game in the same month.

Now lets say the ps3 people have 10 games to choose from, but the 360 people only have five games to choose from. What's going to happen?

Those five 360 games are going to sell 5 copies each.
But the ten ps3 games are only going to sell about 2 each.

And then lets make a top 5 games list and put the top selling games in the list. Wow, would you look at that! All five 360 games are in the list but not a single ps3 made it. Acording to fanboy logic the ps3 sucks and no one buys games and the 360 rules.

Of course this is a very abstract example, but this is pretty much what is happening.

wicked5244d ago


But the 360 had the same if not more choice than the PS3, so you expect the PS3 to be on the list?

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sak5005245d ago

LOL if sony lover on n4g goes and buys a ps3 game instead of spending whole day and night here bashing 360 news, we would see more ps3 games in the charts. Or maybe there are just few of these guys with each 10 accounts.

Anyway, sad to see devs not getting their fair share on ps3.

Sonyslave35245d ago

i love how they list a hole bunch of games and they know they not even going to buy them