PS3 video download service – will it beat Xbox 360?

"Want to use your PS3 to download movies in addition to playing movies you've purchased on DVD or Blu-ray Disc? Soon this will be a reality, transforming the Playstation from primarily a games device with the PS2, into the digital media and entertainment gateway Sony have always wanted to dominate the market with. Of course, it has taken a while for the PS3 to actually get here, with Microsoft pipping Sony to the post in being first with high definition console gaming, an actual next-gen console launch and units on sale, and in the crucial new arena of downloadable video content in the form of standard and high definition TV shows and movies, but after March 23 when the PS3 arrives, the opening phase of the digital revolution will be over, with the next phase to unfold in ways we haven't even yet begun to imagine."

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spacetoilet4284d ago

But I know online PS Store is in its infancy, but at least its free. I would NEVER pay, to play a game I already paid for.

bung tickler4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

tell that to all the WoW players that pay like $10 a MONTH to play just that ONE game. with xbox live you can play ALL your games for $50 a YEAR and thats only if you pay full retail price (i got 3 years for $60 through a sale had) plus you get lots of extra features aside from just playing with your friends.

Rooted_Dust4284d ago

WOW is different. You are paying for the storage of an unlimited number of characters and an entire online world to move around in. Your paying for deathmatch and capture the flag. Big difference

Black Republican4283d ago

so for some reason say sonys service wasnt free anymore
u wouldnt pay to play online
the fact is most ppl would

techie4284d ago

They could have reduced the price of the ps3 by $50 and then charged $50 for their online service. ould that have work I wonder? $449 and $549... maybe not.

Anyway they will have loads of content for this. They're all over music and movies and TV. And they could get a nice bit of profit out of this so they can start reducing prices elsewhere (doubt it in the short term though.)

Also...I think the launch at March will bring a new interface perhaps...Phil was talking about the Singstar interface coming to the whole thing...which would be sweeeeet. You change the backgrounds and it looks so much sweeter...That would be oh so good.

ER1X4284d ago

About the $50 off for the console and fee for the PSN...maybe you're on to something thurrrr. ;-)

I know I would pay 50 bucks a year, IN A HEARTBEAT, if it meant a better overall online experience. Anything that weeds out a few pimply faced silver spoon fed teenagers is OK by me. :-)

wildcat4284d ago

I don't think they included the online fee in the price of the PS3 though. Doing that would mean that they would lose even more money on each system for anyone who does not purchase the online subscription.

techie4284d ago

Ah yes true. Was a thought that was clearly misguided. One stupid thing I forgot was that it would be a yearly subscription - I'd much prefer it to be free. Yes, free is nice.

Also I hear the ps3 online service is going to much improve in the future (hopefully March time) with it being integrated into the interface, just like Singstar (got this from an interview with Phil Harrison) and it looks oh so perty.

ER1X4284d ago

Didn't mean to portray that I thought Sony did include an online fee in the price of the PS3. They did not. I think what Deep was saying, and what I was agreeing with, is it might be a decent idea to knock 50 bucks off the pricetag and offer the PSN at 50 bucks a year for those wanting the service.

Hopefully that makes more sense. :-)

techie4284d ago

Indeed that is what I meant - if they did do that they'd get 50 bucks back and so wouldn't lose any more than they already do - and would infact make more as it would be yearly. Anyway I don't think that would be as good. I really think they are looking to improve their online service (waiting for march) and they will do this even though it is a free service because they see sales in it to get something over their ompetitors. Improving online means sales.

wildcat4284d ago

$50 a year is making a ton for Microsoft when they have like 4million or something subscribed, but I'm glad that Sony has made it free because then Live will always have to prove it's worth it as Sony keeps upgrading their online service. Can't wait for March either.

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bung tickler4284d ago

first of all sony does not even have the ability to match xbox live. (M$ spent billions upon billions creating the server farm that is the backbone of live and other M$ services) So even if they wanted to they would go bankrupt trying to provide a service like this (with decent data rates and stability) for free. i mean hell sony is already bleeding money out the a$$ on each ps3 it sells, they have taken out multi-million dollar loans, and they have had massive recalls. they just dont have the $$$ to compete with M$ on this.

wildcat4284d ago

so it's only a matter of time before they start offering this through PSN. As for gaming, I don't know if they can match Live because it's been going on for so long, but the thing is, I don't think they really have to because the service is free. If they were charging for it, then there would be a reason to get angry. It's too early anyways to tell where Sony is going with their online service but I expect it to at least come close to Live, but it will never beat it or match it because you get what you pay for.

techie4284d ago

We'll see. I don't think Sony thinks like that. They see Microsoft's service as direct compeition and will want to improve upon it...and they will certainly attempt to. But I think any improvements made by Sony, will be followed by those from Microsoft. I think it's all good - this competition makes everything so much better for us!

hfaze4283d ago

"first of all sony does not even have the ability to match xbox live. (M$ spent billions upon billions creating the server farm that is the backbone of live and other M$ services) So even if they wanted to they would go bankrupt trying to provide a service like this (with decent data rates and stability) for free."

Ok, so you think that there's this HUGE infrastructure of servers, game servers, etc for XBox Live? For login, downloads, and billing, yep... But for gaming, dream on...

Answer me this question... In Halo 2 (or any other game that's playable over Live), why does the game pause for a sec if somebody drops from the game? BECUASE THEIR CONSOLE WAS ACTING AS THE GAME SERVER...

So, if you feel good about paying Microsoft $50 a year to maintain their login and billing servers, go right ahead... Xbox live is PEER TO PEER other than the login process and the download servers... Hmmm... kinda like the Playstation network...

Microsoft will have to prove that their online service is worth paying for once the Playstation network gets up to full stride...

bung tickler4282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

i thought we were all talking about downloading here? so your point is well... pointless. i didn't know you played movies via multiplayer matches... i always thought in a digital distribution setting that you download then from the hosts servers using their bandwidth... i guess i am totally wrong. you sure pwned me.

as a side note i pay about $20 a year cuz i don't pay full retail, and yes i am happy to pay that because i enjoy features like unified friends list and chat across all games and many other great features not offered by the competition.

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Covenant4284d ago

...this forces MS to release bigger HDs (at a reasonable price). I've barely done any downloading, and I'm already approaching the limits on my 360. That said, Sony does have significant film assets to bring to the party, but I think they'll initially have trouble meeting the kind of server/bandwidth demand this would require. As Voluptuary said, MS has invested substantial money in the infrastructure needed to offer this kind of service. Right now, I don't see Sony having the ability to do this. They should make sure they have what they need in place before they try this; otherwise, it'll backfire on them.

timmyp534284d ago

man this is a flamer come make it hostile.

Covenant4284d ago

Me, Vincenzo360, and deepbrown. All with South Park avatars.

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