Hottest games of 2007 have done some sleuthing to find out which are going to be the biggest hits this year. Several will not be released to the market until later.

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nix4258d ago

not exactly! lots'a other games are missing...

wildcat4258d ago

too many games are missing

PureGamer4258d ago

I think there going on what has actually been 100% confirmed thats all i can think off.

techie4258d ago

No I'd say they know nothing about games...or what games are coming out. I think they've heard it on the grapevine - which is kid of showing what the public actually know about. They know about Motorstorm...ps2 games, and the big 360 games.

In the publics eye they seem to be waiting for Motorstorm, and Halo3.

HokieFan4258d ago

What a strange list, B-boy for PS3, but not Lair or Killzone? (I think both of those are 2007 releases, right?)

Guitar Hero for 360, but not Mass Effect or Blue Dragon?

Clearly these people didn't do much research on the subject before writing this article...

lil bush4257d ago

missing to many games not even close might just not wanna print an article like that in the beggining