Quieter 360s Through Software Update

That's what German site Cynamite claims, anyways. They say that journalists packing debug units already have the update, which noticeably reduces the amount of noice the 360 makes when it kicks into high gear.

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techie4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Well that's cool! They can improve hardware functioning through software updates. That's funky and very promising for the future. Sweet

To below. Yes of course...but like the sound of the hardware sounds a little differnt.

Xi4259d ago

they always could. Drivers ring a bell?

MissAubrey4259d ago

anyways if true thats pretty cool.

dantesparda4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

They always could do that, just look at the PC. But i hope so, cuz this sh!t is too loud, i have the Toshiba drive and its loud!

techie4259d ago

Will it be the drive or the fan system? I'm confused how it can work... Are you saying I don't deserve them? I didn't mean to sound like a dumbasss on this post.

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Crueltylizer4259d ago

Its very exciting if this rumor is true.

weekapaugh4259d ago

hope its true, that thing is way too loud...

bung tickler4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

they sure its just not that the dev kits have the quieter new drives? i mean the only way a software update can make a DVD drive quieter is by slowing it down which would mean a longer load time, and personally i will take my 360 just the way it is over a slower loading one, i never notice any noise from the thing as is when i have my surround sound on.

dantesparda4259d ago

Ah man, i am so sick and tired of this bullsh!t excuse, i dont care if you got your stereo system turned all the way up, the fact is, the the Toshiba drive systems are to loud, pure, plain and simple. Its loud, and lower would be better. Though i do agree with the not giving up speed for quietness

bung tickler4259d ago

actually the toshiba dives were somewhat quieter,its the drive i have, the hitachi drives are the super craptastic loud ones. as for me i hardly notice it with the sound turned down, if the sound is at a normal game playing level i honestly do not hear it at all. now whisper quiet would be best for sure but unless you got a hitachi you really dont have anything to b!tch about.

dantesparda4259d ago

Actually, my B, you're right, i messed up, i meant the Hitachi drive. So i do have something to b!tch about, as you so eloquently put it (LOL) ;-)

Covenant4259d ago

My new 360 is a lot quieter than my old one, even when it "revs" up while loading/running a game. One of the new DVD drives, I suppose.

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The story is too old to be commented.