Why Rock Band (2) isn't selling in Europe

Nometet.com writes: There is no denying it, Rock Band has been one of the games of 2008. Everyone I know who has played it loves it. Both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 have Metacritic scores of 92 (at the time of writing), higher than Guitar Hero World Tour, so you can't deny that Rock Band isn't as good. So why isn't this brilliant game selling?

resistance1005363d ago

Mainly because they are yet to release it on anything but the 360 so far

Kushan5363d ago

I'm sure there's more to it than that. Maybe people are still pissed at the rediculous prices we had to pay when the first Rock Band was released.

KRUSSIDULL5363d ago (Edited 5363d ago )

Guitar Hero for me... /Sweden

Dark_Vendetta5362d ago

I think its because of the ads. Here at Germany I remember seeing several times a Guitar Hero world tour ad but not once a Rock band one

SuperM5362d ago

Because the only people that can afford it are people who own a ps3

Consoldtobots5362d ago

definitely a very interesting obsrvation that timed exclusivity to the 360 is hurting developers in europe. Not to mention europeans are not stupid and know that rockband is the brainchild of the vampires over at MTV and by extension Viacom (two well known american brands). I should know I worked at MTV and they are pretty much all scum.

Sheddi5362d ago

So thats why i couldnt find it on the ps3, I tried but had to settle with GH3. Sweden.

Bleem3605362d ago

It's because stock was so limited at release, and now everyone has forgotten it was even a available.

Here in Glasgow, UK anyway - you couldnt get a copy for love nor money on launch day, even the big three (Game, HMV & Zavvi (RIP) had no stock left at all by 10am.

I only managed to get it by calling a little known games retailer and booking a copy at next stock in-take. Even then, they only got 1 copy so I was lucky.

I haven't seen any Rock Band 2 on the shelves since - I wonder if the distributer was E-UK (part of Woolies) who went into administation.

TheDude2dot05362d ago

GH:WT is more expensive than RB so it's obviously poor marketing.

kwicksandz5362d ago

After the abomination that was GH3 i was ready to wait a few months for rock band, but not a year and then be charged double the US price for it. Bought world tour day 1 and rock band 2 hasnt even been released in AUS yet.

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DA_SHREDDER5363d ago

Rock Revolution for me. Pantera downloadable content was just too enticing for me to pass up.. RE,,,, SPECT,,,, Walk,,,,, Are you talking to me?!!!!!

caffman5361d ago

Sorry but the pantera DLC is only cover versions anyway so I prefer the Metallica DLC on GHWT

Mindboggle5362d ago

Im hoping to get guitar hero world tour ps3 for the instruments and buy the rock band 2 disc.

heroicjanitor5362d ago

Not in band form. Rock Band had all the instruments and now Guitar Hero World Tour has copied them

y0haN5362d ago

Because their bullshit tactics of holding the Wii+PS3 version AGAIN has pissed people off to no end.