We have the technology, so why aren't we using it?

Hook it up the way it should be.

"But these things are so darn expensive. Yes I know that is true, but I am going to let you in on a little secret, I used to work for a large retail company, and since I was a manager I could look up items that come in and see exactly how much markup was taken by the store. Now first off, games and DVDs don't make a store all that much money, honestly, at the store I worked for, our cost on a $50 game was around $46 bucks. Not that great, so anyone out there who thinks that retail people are getting rich off of video games, then let me be the first to tell you that is simply not the case. However, when it comes to cables, it's a whole other story. Retailers regularly take a markup of up to 50% (or more in some cases) when it comes to cables. Why? Because it's technically hardware, and they know that anything that can make your system look or sound better is something they want to exploit. So in order to combat this, I do a couple of things when I need cables."

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weekapaugh4346d ago

hdmi cables can be found for $15 or less


hmm yes the old "make money on an addon trick"

timmyp534346d ago

its a site run by Yahoo. It only cost $6 dollars !sweet huh? Hi-def on the PS3 is great man.

wolfgang4346d ago

I wish I knew that when I bought mine. The guy from the store was like "you know there is no HDMI cable in there" and he's trying to sell me one for 60 $ (canadian).