XBL soon to be free? had an interview with Microsofts Shane Kim about Xbox Live and the future of it. Now that Live service is going to be released soon Xboxic is thinking that XBL might soon get free. Why? Because when PC gamers can play for free with Xbox 360 gamers, why shouldnt it be the same way vice versa?

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Covenant4260d ago

I mean, you'd get the best online service for nothing. Problem is, MS just acquired Massive, the in-game advertising company. Imagine: "This Halo 3 Rumble Match Brought to You By Mountain Dew." Imagine: Forza with a gazillion billboards, or a GTA game rife with ads. Would that be the price for free gaming? Would you folks be willing to get a great online experience in exchange for the (hopefully) occasional ad? And, if this were to happen, and MS were to continue to profit from free gaming, how long until Sony does the same?

BenzMoney4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Actually, I wouldn't mind in-game ads so long as they were done properly. Like you said, billboards in racing games, etc. That would be fine - afterall, that's what its like in real life. Same with ads on the boards in hockey, or soccer, etc.

If they needed to bring ads into games like FPS, I'd hope they would forego doing it the "Counterstrike" way (putting ads in the actual game) and instead put them in the matchmaking lobbies, like you mentioned. For example, you enter into a matchmaking game of Halo 3 with your pals, and while the game is "setting up" (ala Halo 2 - finding a match, setting up game, etc) there's a little ad saying something to the effect of "This game of Team Slayer brought to you by Mountain Dew". Sure - that would be fine. I'd have no problem with that. If it meant I'd continue to get a great online system but not have to pay for it anymore? Count me in.

On the other hand, it might introduce more idiots to the service. People won't be as careful with what they do because they won't be afraid of getting banned or losing their account, etc. There'll be lots of "dead" gamertags out there. So, there's benefits to a pay service that aren't as easily visible.

Zinswin4259d ago

Crackdown has good in game advertisement -- billboards around town with actual products.

PS360PCROCKS4260d ago

Cruel lol you tipped your own story? That made me laugh...anyways this would be fantastic for the superior service, if Microsoft can keep up the standard across the board of what we expect now in exchange for a couple stupid billboard ads I could care less...I mean come on wouldn't that make it more realistic, our world is already littered with ad's everywhere anyways. K just kidding about that but I could care less about ads as long as it doesn't ditract from the gameplay or the game

FeralPhoenix4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

I'm not sure, I have to see how it works first. I don't mind paying for XBL, $50 for the quality you get its worth every penny....actually I learned an interesting piece of info awhile ago which is that if you play for an avg. of about 2 hrs a day on PS3 compared to 2hrs a day on the 360, then the PS3 is about the same monthly cost of XBL on a monthly basis because your electric bill would be "higher" because the PS3 has a "higher power usage".....of course "electricity" costs depend on where you live, and yes this is petty because just like TV's use different amounts of power and we don't really consider this when buying TV's its not a big deal, but its still interesting -the fact that the PS3 OWNERS OVER A YEAR WILL LIKELY PAY THE COST OF XBL TO THEIR ELECTRIC COMPANY. -LOL Now as far as advertising goes, it won't bother me if they are in the background or whatever, but the day we start getting full blown commercials between scenes well then it hurts the IMO it depends on "how much" advertising we see.

Crueltylizer4259d ago

Yeah i tipped my own story - By mistake. I thought i wasnt able to write stories so i thought i would just tip - Right there after i found out that i was actually able to write stories so i might as well tip my own :) It aint gonna happen again ;)

wolfgang4259d ago

Wow ! I didn't know about that electric thing, thanks :)

Xbox360rocks : You should care a little bit more about ad ingame. In fight night they replace a character by "the King" from burger king, ea release battlefield 2142 with a program that collect information for marketing and trying to disable this program prevent you from playing the game. There is always a risk of abuse with the ingame ad.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4260d ago

quality, Micro$oft's X-box live or Free, Sony Online? Huuummmmmm, $60 a year isn't so bad now is it. ADS be DAMNED!

yigmalsh4260d ago

dont mind ads either as long as they do them right. i think seeing adds in sports/racing titles adds to the realism. better than seeing just all the same MS or sony ads everywhere.
as long as we dont get paused while in game every 10 minutes for a commercial break. that would suck...

wolfgang4259d ago

or like adding extra loading time so you have time to read the ad...

ER1X4259d ago

I wouldn't mind ads if done properly as most have mentioned. I don't own a 360 but think the paid service is a better way to go for the serious gamer. You're most likely going to get a better service and eliminate some of the childish behavior that free services sometimes bring. I'm all for that and actually wish Sony would charge for the PSN.

Even being pro-Sony, I never understood the argument they use about MS charging for Live. If you can't afford Live how'd you buy the console...

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