Nintendo and MS Comments on NPD Numbers

Perrin Kaplan (pictured), vice president of marketing for Nintendo said, "I do think that we're selling to additional and different customers," compared with the Microsoft and Sony consoles. We've had an incredibly healthy start and we think there's going to be a pretty long tail on this product."

A Microsoft spokesperson said the company had enjoyed "a fantastic January," with Xbox 360 boosted by Lost Planet. Sales of Xbox 360 are up 18% compared with the same month a year ago. The company will be happy that Xbox 360 beat PS3, with few shortages of either machine. On the other hand, the cheaper Wii did suffer shortages in January, but still managed to trounce the competition.

Nintendo Wii sold 436,000 units in January according to NPD, with Xbox 360 selling 294,000 units and PlayStation 3 hitting 244,000.

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DJ5821d ago

The reports of 'nobody buying the PS3' look even more ridiculous now that we've got NPD figures as well.

joemutt5821d ago

Maybe Sony is shipping so many that it just looks like they are sitting on the shelves.

power of Green 5821d ago

Twisting the facts again people were saying PS3's not selling in the sence it's not flying off the shelves and is easy to get now and after Xmas as the other console's wher impossible to get months after Xmas.

#1.1 PS3 would be out selling the 360 at least!, being a new console with the PS name behind it.

No one really thought Sony was selling 0 PS3's DJ's a funny guy.

True Gamer5821d ago

Its just in the U.S otherwise these numbers would look a lot different ;)

wolfgang5821d ago (Edited 5821d ago )

Just U.S.
If it was worldwide, you would see the wii dominate. I think (no official numbers) that nintendo is producing like a millions each month. And the other two would have a few more units from japan (ps3) and europe (360).