Over The Top Games Interview - Icarian: Kindred Spirits - WiiWare World

An extract from the Over The Top Games Interview - Icarian: Kindred Spirits by WiiWare World:

"WiiWare World: Can you tell us a bit about Over The Top Games studio?

Roberto Alvarez de Lara: Our studio was born with the intention to produce games that we would like to play ourselves. It's great to be able to create games with total creative freedom. Currently based in Madrid, Spain, we are a small team of four people, all with several years of experience in different areas of game dev.

WW: What is the storyline in Icarian: Kindred Spirits about?

RL: In Icarian we're telling the story of Nyx and Icarus.

Icarus, with his wings made of wax and feathers, flew so high that he reached a realm in the skies. There, he met a very special being…her name was Nyx.

Nyx, a young mysterious girl, automatically became fascinated by Icarus: he was the only human being she has ever met… and he had wings, just as her! From there a beautiful friendship starts. One day the earth mysteriously collapsed and Icarus disappears, leaving her alone. Nyx, worried about her friend, departs from her realm and goes in search of Icarus."

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