Next-gen games boost January sales by 53%

US software sales reach $549m in first month of 2007

Console software sales for January in North America were US $549 million (EUR 418m), a rise of 53 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Partly due to there being five weeks in the month during 2007, as opposed to four in 2006, the numbers were still a rise of 22 per cent when the extra days are taken into account. The figure smashes estimates by analyst Wedbush Morgan which expected a rise of 32 per cent, as software sales of next-generation titles exceeded expectations.

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translation: Sony isnt catching up

True Gamer4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Another fanboy on this site...what a surprise.

Merovee4312d ago

Watch the numbers: January sales Xbox360 294,000 PS3 244000

Xbox has a year lead on PS3 and is losing the lead slowly but surely from the month to month sales. Not to mention that PS3 sales only lag by 50,000 in january with less than 1/4 as many titles.

Calling this race 4 1/2 months after it's release seems like a fairly silly thing to try.

Black Republican4312d ago

are u STUPID???
u think it's good that the ps3 is 50 000 behind in sales for that month???
think about this, the 360 has been out for a year, the ps3 in new, it should be killing the 360 right now because it was just released (lots of hype) yet the 360 still sold more then the ps3
think about it smart guy, that's not good news...
360 is not loosing the lead slowly it has maintained it even when the ps3 just got released


The 360 is beating a console which was only launched at christmas - looks like the post - launch hysteria has already worn off. And those who say the PS3 is catching up... to catch up the PS3 would actually have to outsell the 360... otherwise it will always be 10million+ ahead... its pretty simple logistics.

PureGamer4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

The PS3 has been released in 2 places and with all these stock shortages and all the shyte hype and everything else you people say about it, its not that far behind the 360 in these sales numbers hmmmmm.....

Black Republican4312d ago

another ps3 fan idiot

first off again like someone else said to catch up and take the lead
FIRST they need to beat Nintndo, and then XBOX, do u understand that???

Microsoft is not worried about u right now, Microsoft's biggest compitition is Nintnedo right now, NOT the ps3, now that u have that in ur head...

These numbers are only in North America so, the ps3 only being released in 2 places has nothing to do with this.. and the ps3 did not have any shortages in Jan. every store that sells consoles has them...

True Gamer4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Your twisting up the facts, a practice that only desperate fanboys do.

The PS3 needs to beat the Xbox 360 first not the Wii. Why? Because the Wii is outselling the xbox 360 2:1 on a monthly basis.

The sales gap between the xbox 360 and PS3 is small, only about 50,000 this month.

Once PS3 gets better games out that sales gap will diminish and the PS3 will have to take down the Wii next.

BTW: Nasty Nas learn how to spell you sound like a frikin 5 year old trying to look ghetto.

Black Republican4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

i do not come here to make sure i spell right, and i dont care how u think i sound, if ur worried about the way i sound or spell do not read my comments ass wipe

and how much is the wii outselling the ps3 on a monthly basis???

the fact is wether u want to admit or not the ps3 has a looong way to go...

if next month the ps3 sells more then the xbox or nintendo, they still have to beat nintendo and then xbox

i think u cant stand knowing that u are in third place, u are a desperate fanyboy... and u are an idiot,,, wether the wii has more sales monthly at the end wii and sony still hasnt sold more then the xbox
at the end of the night xbox is wiining fool
yeah the wii might be outselling the xbox by that much, but ur so slow to mention the nintendo/ps3 ratio

basically at a time when the ps3 should be outselling the 360 it is not, find any excuse that u want, but the ps3 should be outselling the 360 right now, i honestly beleieve it should, and u ps3 fanboys im sure inside in ur sony hearts beleive it should be too

and i am twisting up the facts... so i guess i cant spell and i try to sound ghetto and u are just stupid

True Gamer4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

I own an xbox 360 premium since launch day as well as a PS3 so calling me a fanboy proves your stupidity.

Don't come to this site spewing all you anger, you will never accept the fact that the Xbox 360 continues to be outsold by the Wii on a monthly basis 2:1 in the USA, where the xbox 360 should be #1. Even the PS3 is close to outselling the xbox 360 even though it has (according to xbox fanatics) barely any good games.

The PS3 has been getting tons of bad press and had a horrible launch lineup yet it managed to sell almost as much as the xbox 360 this month, I for one am impressed at how well it did!

BTW: You claimed I was a sony fanboy, what are you blind! Look at my avatar you dumb fanboy.

Black Republican4312d ago

i own a ps3 since launch day aswell, i got a preorder at best buy??? do u believe me, prob not... but their is ur stupidity...

im stupid because i didnt know u bought a premium 360, ur stupid ur self for saying that... LOL
ur stupid because u didnt know i fuucked ur mom... makes a lot of sense huhhhh smart guy

i can easily accept the xbox is being outsold in u.s. i also confirmed that on my previous post... and i also said u are slow to include the wii/ps3 ratio by the way u could not say anything about again, no surprise

the xbox should be beating the wii???? first the will is kicking everybody ass right now, but overall its still second, ps3 last
the xbox has been out for 1year, 1 year, 1 year, 3times so u understand that,
and u think that the xbox should be outselling the wii???, right now both the ps3 and the wii should be outselling the xbox because they are new consoles, and this is if not the best/one of he best times for a console to sell...

do me a favour because im not sure ok, im out of bubbles, do ur self a favour and maybe u will undertsand if u do it ur self

in ur next post, post how many total xbox360's have been sold, post how many nintendo wii's have been sold, post how many total, ps3's have been sold

also post how many the not as hyped (inferior) 1year old xbox 360 sold in jan (n.a.)
post how many total nintendo wii's sold in jan (n.a.)
and how many total ps3's sold in jan (n.a.)

numbers dont lie
thank u, have a good night

True Gamer4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Your last bubble is wasted, you will not be missed.

But just for fun!

Dec 05:

Xbox 360 (with no competion): 303,500

Dec 06:

PS3 (with full competion and tons of bad press): 537,750

hhuete4312d ago

LOL thats funny i will have to go with nasty on this one, reading those guys post their funny but still

true gamer didnt have the nerve to put those numbers he said instead he posted other info, funny, but all good

hhuete4312d ago

Dec 06

Dec 06

you just served your self on that one buddy...

True Gamer4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

I was comparing launch figures.

The xbox 360 has more games so it would be expected to outsell the PS3 at Christmas time.

Also you forgot to mention that the PS3 had shortages while the xbox 360 could be found anywhere.

If you want a fair comparison of U.S sales you need to compare launch figures, for that look at post (2.7)

hhuete4312d ago

my mistake i was jut potsing my'n just for fun aswell...
I dont want to start another nasty nas/true gamer even lol

but yeah you are right just comparing console releases, the ps3 launch was better and they did have shortages, etc.

but at the same time if you comper, nov, dec, and now jan, each one of those motnhs xbox has beaten the ps3, i guess you could say each console thrives of competition, at the same time each month the xbox 360 monthly lead has decreased ALOT

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smokinstrat4312d ago

the fact of the matter is regardless of how many consoles you own,your still gonna tend to like one or more consoles the best.i dont care what you say,we are fanboys to a certain extent. the truth is, wii continues to outsell both sony and microsoft on a weekly monthly basis,so if you ask me,nintendo is winning the war,because come the holidays and if wii still hasnt lost steam,(even considering the drought of software and it still contiues to sell)then both sony and microsoft are in for a rude awakening. the little console that could is ready for a bloody battle

True Gamer4312d ago

To an extent. The Wii will probably lose its steam by years end. If it doesn't it may very well end up being #1.

I like both the PS3 and xbox 360 equally.

The reason I defend the PS3 so much is because people in this site bash it too much.

If they were bashing the xbox 360 a lot I would defend it as well.

MS needs a price cut ASAP if they wants to keep they're #1 position. Otherwise the Wii will jump to #1!

smokinstrat4312d ago

I try not to bash any system,they all have something good to offer. I own a Wii and a 360,and I'm very happy with both.I know eventually ill get a ps3,but not until a price drop.
If microsoft cuts the 360(with hardrive) price by the holidays not to mention halo 3 its gonna be ugly.
But its still early in both the Wii and ps3 lifecycle,no one can predict whats gonna happen,if we could we'd all win the lotto and make our own freakin console

timmyp534312d ago

i expect the 360 and PS3 to be going at it evenly for awhile.

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