Lair video interview by IGN

IGN got a long interview with Factor 5's president during DICE 2007

Many interesting details about Lair is revealed. Unfortunatly, gameplay footage is still from the TGS 2006 build.

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Voodoochild4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Lair is shaping up to be a awesome looking game. I can't wait to try it out on a big HDTV. Everyone buy this title so we can get a sequel with online multiplayer. I'm dreaming!

techie4260d ago

Yeah looks realy good...but its still a dragon game... I'm not sure if it interests me. Would like to see more of the gameplay...

Though was pleased to hear that it isn't all brown, with lush vegetation etc. Does sound like its going to look spectacular.

Caxtus7504260d ago

I know what you mean...but it does seem a refreshing change from guns and fps's lol I like new and different gameplay.

techie4260d ago

Tis very interesting watching the First Lair interview on related videos...thumbs up to the sixaxis controller - isn't just flying around, but apparently its so sensitve you can do complicated things which were orignal button mashing...

He says they didn't have the sixaxis originally and the game felt strange on the analogue sticks, but the sixaxis brought it to another level...marketting? Or dos he truly believe it? I think he truly believes it. Give it a watch, tis only 3minutes long.

timmyp534260d ago

games could really get interesting with the sixaxis

techie4260d ago

I think so too...It's not just side-to-side and forward and back - it has other uses, all the pitch and way stuff etc.

Also saying its been done before doen't mean anything, because they weren't at the end of the developers to use. Being on every ps3 means that every developer can design to use them, it doens't matter whether a similar accesory was available before...bringing it to the console allows for game design possibilities.

The Lair guy says that the Wii of course has the Wiimotes, but doesn't have the power. He says the 360 has the power, but doesn't have the motion control. Lair could only have been done on the ps3...etc.

I do miss the rumble though. Used to use it on Amplitude (like guitar hero, but using the gam pad and controlling all the sections of the tracks) and it rumbles with the beat to aid you to keep in time - it had a lot of uses. Look forward to it coming back.

4260d ago
kingboy4260d ago

ahhh!with playstation u`ll always get a more balance platform of sevral kinds of games.

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The story is too old to be commented.