Coming Soon: Valkyria Chronicles DLC for LBP?

No official word from Media Molecule or Sony, but some curious screenshots have popped up on 4chan that seem to show Valkyria Chronicles costumes for LittleBigPlanet. Could this be signs of the DLC to come once the regular LBP PSN updates resume on January 22?

Coincidentally, SEGA has updated their blog with information on upcoming Valkyria Chronicles DLC: "Soon we'll be announcing a date for the first batch of Valkyria Chronicles downloadable content"

It would make sense for the costumes to hit LBP in conjunction with the new DLC pack for SEGA's game to boost sales.

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StalkingSilence4531d ago

There is a YouTube (UK) video of a new DLC pack coming soon. Trying to find the link. Poking around now...

StalkingSilence4531d ago

I think it's called the "Selvaria DLC pack"
And here's that YouTube (not UK) link:
[Credit: NeoGAF]

Raoh4531d ago

oh hell yeah.. two of my favorite games together in one.

"you got reeses in my peanut butter.. you got peanut butter in my reeses"


darkwing4531d ago

Sony make it happen!!!!!!!!

StalkingSilence4531d ago

For fun, check out the discussion on the LittleBigWorkshop discussing “Sack Racks” and whether or not this is real based on the fact that she has boobs.

Source: http://forums.littlebigwork...

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The story is too old to be commented.