Sony risks falling out of console battle writes: "THE CONSOLE MARKET is a virtuous circle with three main points, a virtual virtuous triangle. If you don't do well on all three points, you end up out of the market, and Sony is on the verge of just that.

The three points of the triangle are cost, installed base and games. If you don't have two of them, the third will never happen, and if you do have two, the third will come for free. Basically it is a feedback loop, you will excel at all three and ramp up the numbers or you will be in a death spiral quicker than you can say comprehensive Blu-Ray crack. There is no middle ground."

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Joe4284d ago

Very good read. Nice find.

Syko4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

I thought it was to, It's just a shame half the people on this site will never read more than the headline. Assuming I am trying to roast Sony or whatever.

EDIT: See examples 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 for proof

I think it explains my hate for the PS3, Minus all my opinion mixed in with it. AKA "Fanboyism"

It does show you why Sony really needed a CLEARLY superior machine, Due to the fact that they released a whole year later..

"One note here is that there does not have to be a winner and a loser, there can be multiple winners or losers. If all of the consoles reach a critical mass, they will all win. If none sell enough, they will all lose, so don't assume that one winner means another loser."

GaMr-4284d ago

If you overlay the 360 sales and the PS3 sales at around the time of each respective launch. Would you say the Xbox360 almost fell out of the console battle too. ( I think this article is extremely premature)

It will make sense if PS3 still has lack luster sales around this time next year. As for now it looks like the same pointless flaming the PS2 went through in its early days. Only to become one of the greatest consoles of all time. All im saying is. "Dont Jump The Gun"

Violater4284d ago

I would say next year this time we will know what the true outcome is.

Syko4284d ago

But in all fairness you couldn't find a 360 anywhere until about March. PS3's have been sitting in stores since after Christmas. SO in that aspect it is a bit skewed. But I do see your point. You know why the PS2 went through troubles in the early days ?! Price even at $299 most people wouldn't buy it. The PS3 will be OK, I'm not dumb enough to think it's DOA, However I think even you guys see what is happening and it is clear MS will win. At this point it is really a matter of how bad Sony will lose... And well unless MS or Sony slow the Wii I think it will make Nintendo the sleeper console this GEN.

Regardless of all the crap though I think the NEXT-GEN will have a very different landscape than it does right now. 2010 will be a good one. And rekindle the flame wars! Could you imagine Nintendo hardcore fans having the super powerful system next time.....Let's pray those clowns don't start showing up in force on this site in 2010.

Merovee4284d ago

The systems failures that plagued 360 at launch prompted MS to do a full production shutdown. MS actually had les produced in the same timeline. While sonys production did nothing but increase from launch on.

techie4284d ago

Hm. Well I think sales are pretty impressive for such an expenssive system - shame they can only afford to buy 1 or 2 games when they get it though. Now it is only in 2 country's! And so is actually seeling better than the 360 did at launch. Sony has europe, which is a third of their console market, and then all the other country's which Microsoft is only just making their way to.

Now I don't mean this to sound rude, this is just a question that I find interesting. You know there were a lot of dud 360's - we had WatchDog over here with loads of people complaining. Um...some people couldn't get it fixed and had to have replacements etc, sometimes 2 do those extra two units count as 360 sales?? Cause its still one customer... I guess it doesn't make much difference, but still...(answer nicely please)

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dissectionalrr4284d ago

the difference is WHY they were selling slow at this stage of the game. 360's sold slow because no one could find one until march. ps3 is selling slow because no one considers it a good enough value at the time. reading this article just reaffirms the sad truth, sony came at too high of a price point. maybe it would've worked if microsoft wasn't doing just about everything right as far as exclusives/online/etc, but that could only be speculation. things are going to be rough for sony if they don't start moving some consoles, and quick.

weekapaugh4284d ago

the ps3 is selling better than the 360 did in the same timeframe even with the 360 having no direct competitor for a year.

Xi4284d ago

and the xbox and gcube outsold the ps2 in the same time frame during launch last gen and it doesn't prove anything. What matters is that the 360 out sold the ps3 over same time frame(ie over Xmas) that's the important part.

look near the bottom.

The argument isn't valid, until the ps3 or the wii creates a user base greater than the 360, the 360 will be considered the leader.

kamakazi4284d ago

SONY will fall out..... boy these stories sure do flare up before Sony launches in a new territory dont they.

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