Was Halo 2 really that bad?

Here's an interesting take on the pros and cons of Halo and Halo 2.

As this article points out, there are many gaming flaws with Halo 2 yet people still love it? Why is this? See the article at the jump below.

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th0r XV4258d ago

yes. its terrible. play Halo 1.

SuperSaiyan44258d ago

It just is, I am still playing it, I think its the most perfectly executed online shooter game on the Xbox everything just works perfectly apart from the cheaters of course.

I love playing Team Swat can't get enough although the game is certainly showing its age now but I would still go back and play Halo 1 lol it has an awesome story imo.

Rooted_Dust4258d ago

No, But was it better than Half-Life 2? NO...People loved it because Multiplayer is fun and people are predisposed to HALO. It's almost a foregone conclusion that if you have an Xbox your buying HALO.

ChickeyCantor4258d ago

i kinda loved both the campaign and the multiplayer mode, halo1 i didnt liked it as much as i liked halo2.
both good games......... but for me halo2 was better.
also liked the overall level design more.

PureGamer4258d ago

bad compared to halo 1 anyway who cares i think TS owns the Halo Franchise, you cant even have bot fights on halo -.-

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The story is too old to be commented.