How Games Lean Into Green Activation, According to the UN's Playing for the Planet

Game Rant spoke with Playing for the Planet at Gamescom LATAM about how the industry can decarbonize and craft focused messaging on climate.

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Friendlygamer9d ago

Great more people to tell writers how to do their job


The Epic Games Store Has Two Freebies for you this Week

The Epic Games Store continues their giving ways by adding two more free titles this week.

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blackblades6h ago

Next week is that F.I.S.T. game that I wanted. Makes getting a pc handheld is beneficial. Play fighting games aka MP games on it for free without a sub, free games without a sub, better deals without a sub, uncensored games.


Last Week Was Awful for Xbox Game Pass, But There's Hope on the Horizon

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have had a rough week, but there's still plenty to look forward to when it comes to the subscription service.

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Rols15h ago

At least iMS has improved from “Just wait until next year!” Now its only a few months

ChasterMies12h ago

They have said this every since last gen.


PlayStation Store Summer Sale Kicks Off, Check Out the Games List Here

Sony has kicked off the PlayStation Store "Summer Sale" and it's one massive promotion housing over 4,500 items in total.