Xbox's latest ad tells you that you don't need an Xbox anymore

Xbox is toying with the idea of a console-less future, and its latest advert seems to suggest that heavily.

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Games_People_Play8d ago

I hate to say it, but it’s true.
All I need is PlayStation, Nintendo and a good gaming PC.

Sonic18818d ago

Probably not even a Playstation in the near future. If Playstation ever release their first party exclusives on PC day one all you would need is Nintendo and PC.

Tacoboto8d ago

Add to that - PlayStation is the only platform manufacturer selling you a cloud-only accessory. And it's selling well.

Sony will pay attention to that success.

darthv728d ago

^^currently the portal is 'console required'... but that could change if Sony wanted to. Them offering off network connectivity is a good first step. Next will be direct streaming without the need for the console. And if they offer that... they may offer similar support for the fire stick and then you can have one device to just play games from both PS and XB with no console needed.

crazyCoconuts8d ago

Firstly PS won't go PC day one exclusives because it needs to keep the platform alive. Putting a game on Steam doesn't help the platform.
Secondly, you don't need a physical console to have a platform technically. The biggest issue with streaming is the lesson that PS learned long ago and MS will learn eventually: it sucks and most of us don't want it

Tacoboto8d ago

"The biggest issue with streaming is the lesson that PS learned long ago and MS will learn eventually: it sucks and most of us don't want it."

The reality, again, is the opposite - Sony sells a streaming only accessory. Clearly they don't think it sucks, and neither do the fans that keep on making it go out of stock.

Bathyj8d ago

You're right.
That's why it's not happening.

VersusDMC8d ago

Well right now you can play all Nintendo games on PC and steam deck with superior performance so you can drop it now.

1Victor8d ago

@sonic: “ Probably not even a Playstation in the near future.”

It’s been seen for years that Xbox was going this route only the small vociferous hardcore Xbox players closed their mouths, ears and looked the other way saying exactly what you are parroting but then PlayStation hasn’t shown any signs of coping Xbox as much as those people wants GOW Spiderman and all the PlayStation executives on Xbox like their own exclusives are showing on PlayStation.

Sonic18818d ago


I'm just speculating. I mean look what they did with Helldivers 2. Day one launch on PC/PS5 and it was a successful launch. But time will tell

Hotpot8d ago

Well if we want to get technical you don’t need Switch either if you have a PC...

anast8d ago

That will happen when Nintendo does the same...not likely. If they do that, they feed MS and lose their position. MS is about 90% of PC gaming.

romulus238d ago

Nah, would still prefer to play PS games on console.

Profchaos8d ago

So Nintendo wins the console war it started in the late 80s

gold_drake7d ago

mmm i dunno if i agree with that. id rather havea deticated box that is not as expensive.

S2Killinit7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Well, I think as the winner of the console wars exiting the console market is not in PlayStation’s gameplans. They wouldn’t go through the trouble of defeating xbox just to leave the market. PlayStation will be Playstation with streaming as an option. Similar to what we have now.

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I never thought Playstation would pull a Xbox, but it looks like they're trending in that direction, much to my disgust. If you're patient, you can just drop Playstation now, you might only have to wait a couple of years for their games to end up on PC.

We're trying to speak legally here, otherwise you could just own a PC and nothing else, technically PC just does everything.

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ThinkThink8d ago

I still plan on purchasing the next xbox that comes out, but I'm deeply rooted in the ecosystem. If you're not, then I absolutely agree. You're better off with a gaming pc.

YourMommySpoils8d ago

Never going to happen. You'll always need a PlayStation. An Xbox was always just a demo box for people to get into PCs.

truthBombs8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Not even a PlayStation is needed either.

Unless one has a preference for console gaming specifically. Then PS and Xbox still serve their purpose.

At this point you'd be fine with a PC and Nintendo.

Christopher8d ago

If you're patient and can wait a long while, sure.

fr0sty8d ago

If you're patient, don't mind paying at least double, and don't mind gaming on a clunky PC that doesn't exactly integrate well into the living room, while skipping features like a dedicated 3D audio processor.

ED2027d ago

Lol "dedicated 3d audio proceccor" PC and xbox support every 3d audio format thats just sony marketing becouse they couldnt get atmos for a long time. Its meaningless pc run real hometheatre and headphones better and more versatile than ps5 ever could. I had ps5/series x and now pc all with avr 7.1 HT andheadphones i should know. Every game on xbox/pc run HT/headphone dolby atmos or dts neural x and whatnot.

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

You don't even have to wait that long for PS exclusives to show up on PC these days, plus, with PC's insane backlog of games, you're never struggling to find things to play while you wait.

It's not even that bad though, PCs can be as big/small as you want, then you can just run a HDMI cable from the box to the TV like you do with consoles. Hook up a control and headset like you would a console... The experience isn't really as difficult as people make it out to be, plus I'd rather have Atmos.

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darthv728d ago

...and it works really really well. I think amazon actually made the latency better thanks to their AWS vs Azure. If Sony ever decides to add PS support, the fire stick would be the easiest choice for those who just want to play without committing to a full console.

crazyCoconuts8d ago

The xcloud stuff is all running on custom hardware racked in MS data centers, right? We're not talking generic GPU services provided by AWS. Maybe I missed an announcement but I fully expect all that traffic is going directly from your stick to the same data centers as in the past with all the same issues DF reported on recently

darthv728d ago

@crazy, i believe all amazon devices are designed to pull their data from AWS first... so if a game streamed from MS would go out using Azure, it then comes into AWS to be sent out to their amazon devices. Im not sure how or why but I can tell a difference in latency when playing on a fire stick vs playing on my gcloud. Maybe its due to the fire stick being wifi6 and my gcloud is wifi5, but Id even say it is nearly identical to playing on the same network with my portal and ps5.

...its that good.

fr0sty8d ago

Except it has way too much latency for fast paced games.

crazyCoconuts8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

@darth going through AWS would just add a hop in latency and would make things worse

Thinking about it more though, AWS could use their fast connections between data centers to improve the network latency that you might otherwise get without using their private network. That would help if the racked Xbox hardware is far away and you'd otherwise be navigating the unpredictable routes of the public Internet. I'd think Azure would do similar things but maybe not as well.