360 Core slashed to £150.

Those of you without an Xbox 360 can now pick up a console for almost as cheap as a PSP, as online retailers slash the price of the Core console and one knocks as much as £50 GBP off of the RRP. has cut the cost of the Xbox 360 Core unit down to £149.99 instead of the RRP of £199.99 - that's a saving of 25% on the official price point, for those rubbish at maths.

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SuperSaiyan44255d ago

If you make something too cheap people will think its probably not very good, or if you make it cheap enough for those wanting to buy but its out of their budget then this is a WOW moment.

Or has the price been reduced to get rid of the Core's? Any 360 gamer will tell you especially ones that play online you need the Premium it works out cheaper. But at £149.99 + Hard drive it works out cheaper than a premium just that you dont get the HD cables or a headset.

I have to say though its a fantastic price especially if you want to buy it for someone as a gift even or for the kids - buy a memory card instead from for around £18 and your sorted!

Neutral Gamer4255d ago

I completely agree with you mate. I think it'll open up the 360 to a whole new audience, especially kids, who just couldn't afford the higher price before.

Like I've said below, this is definitely now financially viable to give as a gift - looks my little cousins will be enjoying their birthdays even more this year!

Neutral Gamer4255d ago

Wow! It's only February and in the last couple of days we've already seen some UK retailers knock down the price of a Core to £149 and a Premium to £199.

Just wait till this Christmas comes along; with all three consoles more established resulting in more competition and even more games it'll be a great time to be a gamer WHICHEVER console you've got or are planning to buy. The three console manufacturers will be falling over themselves to give us the best bundles and prices.

I'm even half tempted to buy another one so me and my mates can get some LAN action going - hell it's nearly cheap enough to give it to them as birthday presents!

I just hope Sony UK are paying attention to this, once again we in the UK have been ripped off. We're the most loyal market and yet we have to pay more for the PS3 than any other country and get it last.

There's massive Playstation loyalty over here, if it had been released over here at the same time, the consoles sure as hell wouldn't be lying around gathering dust in retailers like in America.

Hopefully Sony will reduce the price in the not too distant future cos although early adopters like myself see the value in paying £425 (Blu-ray, Wi-Fi, larger hard disk etc.) I'm sure little Johnny won't be able to persuade his parents as easily especially when there are excellent Xbox 360 deals like this around!

Anyway, I'm off to buy another 360 ...

BIadestarX4255d ago

Are they getting ready for the next SKU?

PS360PCROCKS4255d ago

Holy hell this is a good deal? My god your deals are $10 less than what we have been paying all along? Thank god I don't live in Europe, damn.

SuperSaiyan44255d ago

Your exchange rate is awful around $1.94 to the £1 so basically half, if it was $1.44 like it was a few years back it wouldn't have been so bad.

For us in the UK our standard of living is very different to the USA as well.

And this price is extremely amazing for those in the UK that have been thinking about gettin an Xbox 360 and or cotemplating on getting a PS3.

For £150 you can play next gen games and if you are new to the 360 you have an arsenal of games at very cheap prices at present like Oblivion on for £22.99! And many other top games at cheap prices.

All that power in a lovely white box for the price of what a CPU? or Graphics card? Simply outstanding!

Any guesses really on whether they are either clearing out the none selling cores or getting ready for the next SKU, getting ready by making a loss? Don't think so otherwise they would seek compensation from Microsoft who in turn would have this with every other retailer in the UK and or Europe for that matter.

Neutralgamer gave you positive feedback mate ;-)

Neutral Gamer4255d ago

Cheers for the positive feedback mate - I gave you some earlier as well!

I can't believe you've only got 2 speech bubbles available - I guess fan boys have been taking your bubbles away! That's pretty sad man.

PS360PCROCKS4255d ago

Well I didn't need the inflation rate history, lol but I was just saying I never realized how damn expensive it was over their.

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