The First Descendant Review - Another Looter with End Game Problems

It’s always exciting to start a new looter. Every drop is exciting, there are untold secrets to uncover, and bosses that truly push players to their limit. So when I heard The First Descendant was set to release for free, I had to see if it would be the next big thing. With giants like Warframe, and Destiny to compete with, will it push them to greater heights, or is it a pale imitation? - IS

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RhinoGamer885d ago

I put in over 700 hours on Destiny 1 and 2. I put in 7 minutes with this turd and quit it.

TheProfessional5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It's really not that bad, the UI is cluttered and you have to talk to too many people in the hub but otherwise the graphics and shooting etc are pretty solid. Definitely needs more mission variety and the bosses can be bullet spongey but how is that different from Destiny etc.?

BlackDoomAx4d ago

The beginning is nice. Interesting characters, ok story, nice graphics, good gunplay. Build variety seems quite good. Farming is farming, it's repetitive and it could be boring quickly for some. The only real bad thing i see for now is the character customization, with the colors that can be earned (and bought), but only usable on paid skins, not on basic free ones, and only on one item on one character (it can fortunately be removed and re applied again...). Also the drop rates are false on some items, which Nexon have already been caught doing... And the end farm apparently is so long (and as a redditor noticed, one item in particular doesn't drop at all) that it encourages (forces) to spend real money.


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Maybe if the prices were fairly priced this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. Charging people to simply change the color of a default costume will never end well.

REDGUM1d ago

Or maybe just don't change the colour of default costume and hope this sends a message to the devs. I don't even think I've played around with costumes, weapon skins etc in any game even if they were unlocked during gameplay. Never seen the reason/point to, just want to play the games not check out whats in a wardrobe lol.
I've never understood the criticism of an optional thing either. Abit different if it were pay to win or this was a pvp only game where the upgrades gave advantages over others but this is CO-OP.
Speaking of which, anyone want a game?

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

You clearly missed the point. You can’t just let devs get away with whatever they want unchecked. While I agree that if you don’t like it don’t buy it is the thing to do but you can’t just let these devs keep doing stuff like this unchecked. Close mouths don’t get feed..:


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You'd rather pay than grind The First Descendant? That's the point

Nexon’s looter shooter The First Descendant makes money the easy way out with grueling grinds to unlock new characters and weapons.

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RhinoGamer881d 11h ago

Suckers. Grueling grinds is fun for who again?!

Michiel198922h ago

if you build your game around the grind, mainly roguelikes and arpgs (diablo, path of exile) there's nothing wrong with it. This is bad though since you can only unlock certain things with money and just to unlock chars/abilities you need to grind like mad already from what I've seen.

Inverno1d 9h ago

I'm not grinding, infact I'm not playing at all. PS Plus being a requirement was a blessing for me. I refused to pay to play online, and in turn I was spared from this live service crap that has plagued the industry for the last decade. I will never play another mp game the same way I played Uncharted 2 or BF43.

CantThinkOfAUsername1d 6h ago

It's a free to play game so no PS+ is required.

Inverno1d 6h ago

I know, I'm just saying that Plus being a requirement last gen made me skip a lot of MP games that I probably would've been hyped into playing. Most of which I've seen either shut down, or driven into the ground by greedy monetization. The trend has only made things worse, so bad that the concept of F2P was completely ruined.

jznrpg1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

@Inverno PS plus wasn’t a requirement last gen for free to play either

nitus1020h ago

If you play on-line you need a PS+ subscription.

However you are correct in that the game is free to download and play.

anast17h ago

"If you play on-line you need a PS+ subscription."

F2P games are an exception.

Inverno10h ago

I do in fact play on PlayStation.

anast4h ago

Then you would know F2P games are an exception.

Inverno10h ago

I think people don't seem to be understanding me. Last gen Plus became a requirement for paid multiplayer games, not F2P. It being a requirement made me skip out on mp games that I probably would've been hyped into buying but since I refused to pay for the subscription I ended up not buying up any of those games. And I guess it was for the best because most of those mp games have ended up in horrible states due to these shady business practices. And F2P games have ended up being worse off due to where the industry headed in regards to monetization.

Tankbusta401d 9h ago

free to play live service games are cancer

Chocoburger1d 8h ago

Waste your lifespan grinding or pay real money to fix what they intentionally made awful. All the while the CEOs are laughing at the dummies wasting their time & money.

Goodguy011d 7h ago

Theres good grind and bad grind. This is a good example of bad. They obviously really want you to pay.

JackBNimble1d 3h ago

Well it's free to play so yeah they want you to pay, how else do they pay employees and overhead?

I'm not defending this kind of shit because I certainly wouldn't play this. Just pointing out the obvious.