Gay news site slams "misinformed" Games Radar article

Consumer gaming website Games Radar has come under fire from UK for publishing an article "outing" five game characters.

The article, which is titled 'Are they gay?', begins by noting that God of War's Kratos "'accidentally' killed his wife and daughter. Which probably means he's got a grudge against women. Or something".

It goes on to suggest that Gears of War's Marcus Fenix, Bully's Jimmy Hopkins, Dead Rising's Frank West and Vaan from Final Fantasy XII also "show signs of covert - and not so covert - campness".

Speaking to Hassan Mirza, news editor for, said, "While it's reassuring to know that gamers are interested in the sexual orientation of digital superheroes, Matt Cundy's 'Are they gay?' article relies on a series of juvenile stereotypes and clichés.

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GaMr-4261d ago


techie4261d ago

Fair do's. There's been a long running argument between visibility and visibility of stereotypes/negative. But hey it seemed to be in good fun, though slightly uneducated. Quite amusing really

Black Republican4261d ago

this is sad, maybe the dude just really wants to defend gay characters now in video games

sak5004261d ago

Before blurting out they should see that are getting some recognition in video games, not that the developers wanted it that way.

Bad_Karma4261d ago

Kratos and Marcus Fenix battle it out..... with their handbags .

nicodemus4261d ago

HAHA! I knew someone was going to complain about that gay videogame characters article!

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