Shane Kim & Phil Spencer Interview: Part III

In this final part of the interview with TeamXbox's Will Tuttle and Andy Eddy querying Shane Kim (corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios) and Phil Spencer (general manager of first-party publishing for Microsoft) finish up with an assortment of questions. Announcements of Live Anywhere gave a chance to ask about Alan Wake, as well as how it's decided for what platforms new games will be developed. That also led to discussion of Gamerscores and Achievements, with an opportunity to brag-or make excuses for-their own totals. They also asked about the potential for conflicting missions: cutting the system price as it gets older and upping the hardware so it can do more.

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PS360PCROCKS4282d ago

"You can either lower the cost or you can add more capabilities to the system itself…keep the price the same or raise the price. All of those things are parts of the equation." hmm interesting this kind of leaves a few paths open