PS3 in "Fastest Selling Games Product" Nonsense

In a bizarre and somewhat strange turn of events, UK high street retailer Woolworths has told that the PS3 is the "fastest selling games product" that it has ever offered via its website. Argos - masters of Wii preorder confusion back in December - backed them up, saying that it was their "most successful pre-ordered (sic) campaign for consoles."

Bless their hearts. Amazon then jumped in, to say that the interest in the console was "high and sustained" and that they're confident that the machine will be one of the company's top sellers for 2007. In December, the Wii infamously sold out at the pre-order stage from Amazon in just seven minutes. The company opened up the PS3 preorder system on the 15th February and is STILL taking preorders. In fact, they sent out another begging email yesterday, asking if anyone still wanted one...

So who to believe? Well, you can still preorder from Play, Amazon, Argos...Woolworths...HMV...Dixons....need we go on?

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SimmoUK4260d ago

Of course you can still pre order it because there's plenty of units to go around at launch in Europe, unlike america and wii's launch. This is the dumbest article I have ever seen...

TheMART4260d ago

Oh is it Simmo???

Then why are there so many laying around in Japan/USA? Because they DON'T SELL

And in Europe it won't be any different, we are not aliens compared to Americans or Asian people. The shops are always hyping up products, hoping to sell their inventory because it cost them money to lay around... Like the shops in USA/Japan are having to pile up the PS3's since November last year...

GaMr-4260d ago

Their is a lack of software. Wich means no games and its boasting a pretty high price tag for a game drought. $600 just to wait. Not good. Yet it still managed to sell 244,000 consoles last month. $600 dollar console with 1 game moved 244,000 units. $400 dollar console with tons of games moved 294,000 units. Yea. If i were you I would be worried too. And thats only North America numbers. Japans is massacre after massacre month after month for the 360. Wii is jamming however wont deny that but at $250 dollars and its fun factor. Why not. I give the wii another year or 2 and they will be collecting dust not in stores however but in homes.

Merovee4260d ago

Nintendo isn't on shelves due to the demand and the cheap price N can't keep up with production demand(popular product and all). And unlike MS Sony has ramped up instead of having a production shutdown (due too the initial hardware failures which MS has since solved) right after launch. People forget that Sony has shipped more consoles in the same time period (not to mention sold more) than 360 had. Add to that that PS3 also has 2 competing "next-gen" systems while 360 was the only next gen for a year.