Is the PS3 a sales dud?

There's lots of rumours and speculation about whether or not the PS3 is a complete sales flop over here in the UK, following increasing worries about stock levels in the US.

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SimmoUK4439d ago

Of course you can still pre order it because there's plenty of units to go around at launch in Europe, unlike america and wii's launch. This is the dumbest article I have ever seen...

The advertising hasn't even started in Europe yet eather has kiosks,that will get things moving even more and the main factor Motorstorm and F1 will be there now, EU will be really impressed and GDC will change everything anyway... Expect to see alot of games that look just as good and better than the final build of Motorstorm...

Giro4439d ago (Edited 4439d ago )

Like you Simmo I too reside in the UK. I personally think that in order for the PS3 to sell well in UK the price will need to be dropped. as it stands after all the devout fans have purchased theirs the sales will slow down because the average Joe Bloggs consumer probably won't want to part with that much money in order to own one.

I also think that in my opinion Blu Ray in the UK, will only appeal to the hardcore High Def movie fans, for the extra cost it doesn't really offer enough of a difference to normal DVD, yeah ok so its better quality on a large HD TV, but not everyone owns them (yet).

I could of course be completely wrong and if I am then I'll stand corrected.

techie4439d ago

Well Hd tv prices is falling rapidly. You can get a 42inch top the range hd-tv for £890 - which is cheap in the UK, and there are apparently going to be loads of deals around the ps3 launch...I think they see the potential.

The ps3 will seel healthily over here - of course it won't be crazy until the price comes down and I hope it isn't crazy cause I want a price drop as soon as possible - because this is the only territory (Europe) that Sony is actually making a profit on every system (if they released the 20gb version they would be making a loss - 60gb version entails profit in Europe). I don't see why they didn't start wth £399 - because the £400 mark is quite a psycholoical barrier.

Go to for a great offer -£525 for the ps3, 3games (resistence/motorstorm/genji) and an hdmi cable.

Devastator_oftheweak4439d ago

When is everyone going to realize this, that the Blu-Ray DVD drive is not just for movies, it is the main format that all games are built on. The Blu-ray disk is used to give developers more space to build on allowing for much larger and longer games, not to mention the 8 SPE's built into the PS3 to handle the various calculations used in AI, lighting, player motion and many many other things. I have a PS3, I love the system, it offers more right now in the ways of a computer, home entertainment movie player and Game console. I suggest to those who are eyeing the PS3 with extreme interest to go out and try and get one, you will be surprised. Think of it this way, sony will continue to support the PS3 with updates that keep upgrading your system with new and innovative features. Take the chance, the PS3 is worth the price. As for the price drop, I can't see one coming as soon as everyone hopes because, even though they may shrink the cost of manufacturing the chips it doesn't mean they will shrink the price, they will keep it steady for a bit yet to build back some of the cash they have lost per console sold. I say take your gaming to a new level buy one, experience the system, and if you don't like it, sell it, but give it a try.

Violater4439d ago

Of these BS articles, when I'm at work checking this site i would prefer to see real news.

kamakazi4439d ago (Edited 4439d ago )

well couldnt the same be said about the 360? is the 360 a sales dud? then say how its not doing so well in japan. this goes both ways.

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