Retailers say PS3 is most pre-ordered console ever

Retailers are reporting huge demand for PlayStation 3 as Sony gears up for what UK boss Ray Maguire says could be the company's "biggest hardware launch to date".

His comments were echoed by Gerry Berkley, head of games at Woolworths, who told, "PS3 pre-orders are coming in thick and fast. It is the fastest selling games product we have ever sold online and it is shaping up to be our biggest ever pre-order campaign for a console."

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InMyOpinion4260d ago

And if Sony stalls the release another year for Europe it will reach legendary pre order numbers.

Lebauski4260d ago

that the delay helped Sony?

I bet a lot of people were so disappointed by the delay that they moved on to another platform (I nearly was... just nearly).

techie4260d ago

Yes of course! The delay didn't help bloody pre-orders! They only started preordering last month, and in some cases at the begining of this month! The delay has absolutely nothing to do with it!

Unless you think hype has been building...I doubt it. If anything its had a negative effect, seeing all the ps3 bashing in the US!

Bathyj4260d ago

Wow, second only to Harry Potter. Thats pretty impressive. I guess it goes to show how much cry babies on the internet opinions count for things. If they had 5 million units ready for all of Europe they'd probably sell them in the first month. Sounds crazy, but the games are comin out in the next month or two, BR is taking off and Launches make people crazy. Sounds like demand is really high.

bumnut4260d ago

i think that people are expecting too much from ps3, i think that a lot of people in europe who have not seen it yet will be dissappointed.

everything i have seen on it (genji, ridge racer 7 & gundam) is very poor & does not even come close to xbox 360 & pc.

i own a 360 but am not a fanboy, i also own a gaming pc. at one time i had a pc, ps1, ps2 gamecube & dreamcast.

i just feel that ps3 is overhyped and a lot of people will be dissappointed with what is an average gaming system. i hope that this changes soon with the release of new games because i was interesting in getting 1.

with the games i have seen i wont be preordering 1, i want to see a games that impresses me before i part with my cash

Lebauski4260d ago

What if people know that there are not as much great titles out as for the 360 (yet)?

What if they really do care about the "no one wants it"-Bluray?
I would have preorderd it even when there was no game at all at launch.
Why? I want BR for my HDTV for an unbeatable price - and that's what I get - AND a great gaming machine!

I don't think people pay 600 EUR just because there's a hype and adds told them to. (BTW.. where's the hype? Almost everything I read about the PS3 is negative)

PureGamer4260d ago

Where is the hype?, and the 3 games you mention are all a POS they suck, to the above i agree with him ive got one on pre order and cannot wait.

BIadestarX4260d ago

Sony better hope all those pre-orders don't endup on ebay as they did for the US. Sony makes money of software attach-rate no console sold.