Five Games That Deserve A Next-Gen Comeback

Revisionism is a key gaming bug bear. The tendency for recycled sets of common themes to appear repeatedly throughout various titles is the lynch pin upon which the now thoroughly withered 'games are derivative' argument is hung. To see the games development process as a cyclic regurgitation of sequels and set pieces is more than a little cynical and ultimately is to miss what games can offer.

Even so, for a media form so familiar with sequels and revisionism (Xbox Live updates and patches are a potent sign of the times) there are always some titles that are unfairly left behind in the next gen roll over, so in the spirit of homage here are some titles that more than deserve a new lease of life.

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Bathyj4441d ago

Nice list of games. Definately Colony Wars and the Strike series. They rocked hard. I think Lorne Lanning lost the plot abit after the PSOne games. He had delusions of grandure and the later games never lived up to all the crazy ideas he spouted. While were at it, I dont really want remakes of these games but would love the originals on XBL Arcade or PSN.
Black Tiger (Dragon)
The Last Ninja
Super Metroid (C'mon Ninty)
Bubble Bobble

Silvia0074441d ago

Super Metroid was one of my all time favorite games... not that metroid prime junk. WTF were they thinking? There's already like a bazillion FPS's out there, who wants to play another named under metroid? Some games are just ment to be 2D.

nirwanda4440d ago

buy a ds and get the advance metroid game and all the castlevania games you won't regreat it all of them are as good as super metroid if you look hard there is a dould pack with aria of sorrow and harmony of dissidence on hours of metroid style gameplay there

Deios4440d ago

Double Dragon and Killer Instinct 3

The great 14440d ago

1 of the greatest games ever bring it back!

spacetoilet4440d ago

I wish Bethesda would redo Morrowind with the Oblivion engine or a better one. It's a far better game than oblivion. More detail, more everything. And the art design was stunning. Not that oblivion isn't great, just Morrowind was an incredible gaming achievement. It's just in need of a new technology overhaul is all.