MS Won't Kill Off 360 As It Did The Xbox

Death came suddenly for the lowly original Xbox. One minute owners of Microsoft's first system were sitting down to play Jade Empire and Forza Motorsport, and the next it was gone, replaced by the upstart Xbox 360 in the autumn of 2005. Owners of the current Xbox need not worry. Death for the successor won't come nearly as swiftly.

Speaking recently with 1UP, Microsoft's Shane Kim said that the company was hoping that the Xbox 360 would have more of the staying power evinced by Sony's omnipresent console.

"If we could have a PS2-like tail, that would be awesome for the Xbox 360. I don't think you're going to see the same abrupt move to the next-generation," Kim told 1UP. "We'll have a much more balanced approach when the next-generation arrives."

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FeralPhoenix4259d ago

Yeah its obvious that the original xbox while being a great console was still dead weight in terms of costs, I think they learned alot last gen and have a much better strategy -getting a year head start to build a solid fanbase was one brilliant move M$ pulled off, but even without that XBL has continued to improve and of course they have some great games available with plenty more to come, they are definitely on the right track...the only real negative thing that I think has hurt them is, the issue's they have had with faulty launch systems or the ones that went defective in a year, as long as they have a fair policy like the new warranty they started I think they can resolve these issues....but I think the whole point Kim is trying to make is that they are in a better situation this of course anything that is earning profits will be supported longer "like PS2", but either way I don't think this means you won't see the next Xbox in 5 or 6 yrs.

BoneMagnus4259d ago

I know it adds cost to the console, but it is inconvenient as far as space goes to have so many consoles hooked up...a 360, XBOX, PS2, GC, and a DVD player. (Yes, I use a system selector.)

And, if my XBOX dies and I am unable to get it repaired, what happens to my library of 64 games?

BIadestarX4259d ago

Ohh trust me it will be BC. The only reason why the 360 it's not 100% BC with the original XBox it was because microsoft got screwed by the hardware manufacturers that had too much control and therefore microsoft was forced to emulate intead of adding the hardware like Sony did (i.e. Pentium). This time microsoft has full control of the XBox 360 hardware which guarantees BC for the next console.

TheMART4259d ago

You'll see. If the PS3 finishes nr. 2 or 3 this gen, with about the same comparison to last gen XBOX <--> PS2, the PS3 will be cut off by Sony earlier with support.

It's all business and earning money. The 360 has the best cards this gen, having an almost 11 million users/units sold lead and the better proposition, with better graphics, more and better games, a cheaper console and a premium online serviced not by far matched by the PS3 online service.

PS360PCROCKS4259d ago

Oh wow I love how someone took the quote out of this story to try and twist against Microsoft a few days ago and now they have the actual interview that show's exactly what he said...and of course Microsoft will stick it out this time, they will be making a profit, I never had a doubt.

achira4259d ago

they will do it again, have a lot of fun xbots...

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