PlayStation May Have One More Gen Of Physical Media Support, Nintendo Possibly Two, Analyst Says

Analyst Mat Piscatella has predicted that PlayStation has one more generation of physical media support, while Nintendo possibly has two.

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purple10129d ago

All depends if they want their game sales to drop 50%

Terry_B28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yeah right. Because PC Game Sales dropped when publishers stopped to sell them in physical form.

Oh yes..they didnt.

Instead most games on pc are much cheaper than the console versions.

Cacabunga28d ago

No physical no buy.. no point in buying something i won’t own, cannot trade…

Profchaos28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

PC is drastically different it's an open platform that has a significant piracy problem prior to going digital.

Not saying console sales would drop 50 percent more like 10 percent at the very most

Consoles also have piracy issues sure but the rise of modern operating systems and online gaming has curved this drastically compared to the PS1/2 or even floppy disk copiers of the SNES/ mega drive.

But in the early 2000s PC gaming had basically canabalised itself the quality of game ports were poor at best unless it was say a id tech or unreal game and sales were way down.

It's a apples to oranges comparison really valve fixed a delivery issue which resolved piracy

gold_drake28d ago

i think pc is abit different.

purple10128d ago

Physical games make up 60% of 1st party unit sales for Sony, for games like Death Stranding (PS5) and Uncharted 4 physical sales are more than 80%

andy8528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They are cheaper on PC but you pay far more overall unless you hold on to physical media



I thought the point of buying games was to play them... Silly me!

Inverno28d ago

Keep in mind that the vast majority of people who legitimately buy games on PC will have absolutely no problem sailing the high seas should they lose access to their gaming library. That's the huge difference between console gaming and PC. On consoles we're locked in, and with how Ninty just loves to shut down online services a couple years after they stop their support you can bet many will outright just not buy games on a Nintendo console. And with backwards compatibility being uncertain every gen, if people can't move their PS libraries over to new consoles due to newer gens being all digital then consoles will soon be dead.

DarXyde28d ago

In a closed ecosystem though, the platform holders could never drop the prices or mandate always online connections.

Personally, the day PlayStation and Nintendo go full digital is the day I stop buying consoles and just become a retro gamer.

Until they figure out game preservation and ownership in the digital space, they can miss me with that.

just_looken28d ago

Well terry i saw you post this awhile back looks like console players still have 0 clue that pc players use keys things like humble bundles are a myth.

Heaven forbid they will also realize there disc's for this generation are coaster's when the servers shutdown there are fewer and fewer games that are all on the disc.

You all can scream to you run out of air saying consoles will always have disc drives but sony makes way more cash on the ps store then you getting a 3rd party game downtown and the console would be cheaper to make with out the disc drives.

For money disc less all digital future makes the most every time.

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1Victor28d ago

Oh I’m surprised when I read the article headline I thought I would see pacter name attached to it 🤣

Notellin28d ago

50% had me dying laughing. Thanks for the ignorant comment based on the facts known as your personal feelings.

purple10128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Here’s some facts for you, I posted it a couple of further comments down, but I shall post it again as you are obviously not reading all the comments just the headline one,

“ Physical games make up 60% of 1st party unit sales for Sony, for games like Death Stranding (PS5) and Uncharted 4 physical sales are more than 80%”

So yes for third-party and Xbox-ers, it’s most likely less, but for Sony first party they would lose 50% I guess

DOMination-28d ago

They are not going to lose 50% of sales because if people have no other option, most will just buy it digital anyway.

It's only a minority on gaming forums like this that are precious about physical media. Even then, I fully expect half of those people to buckle with their principles and buy games still rather than just abandon their hobby altogether.

The reason why physical sales are still so high is not because of ownership rights (as if that matters these days - try playing your physical copy of The Crew lol) but because people have just grown up buying them. The mainstream majority were able to handle going digital with music and TV/Films. They are going to handle it just fine with gaming too.

KwietStorm_BLM28d ago

Digital game sales make up more than half, so yeah no.

DodoDojo28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Digital is the majority sadly, there's going to be a day when physical is gone.


And that's the day we should all just get games for free, fuck em all. Pay for all digital and what happens if a game you like is pulled and you can't even it play it anymore? They have your money and don't care. With physical you have it and there is nothing they can do.

Terry_B28d ago

People just hate it when you state a simple fact.

purple10128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

that includes ALL DLC, in game spend, small indie titles that are only digital anyway, etc..

check this my friends


60 percent of SONY FIRST OPARTY TITLES, Physical, which I rounded down to 50% in my comment,

id liket osay I told you so, - oops - just did

in fact grand total Is 65% but who's counting , right.

DodoDojo28d ago

It doesn't say that the numbers include DLC and micro transactions.

"Full game software digital download ratio is calculated by dividing PS4™and PS5™ full game software units sold via digital transactions by total full game software units."

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Stanlittle28d ago

Most psychical copy of games are BS they don't even hold the whole game on it them. They always need a multi gig update.

I for one do have to have physical copies. So I record every Netflix or YouTube video I watch onto a dvd just in case.

shinoff218328d ago

Nobody ever brings up the point of if all digital only games were available physical they'd sell as well so physical numbers would be higher. Digitally sales are purposely inflated because it's not a fair representation

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gold_drake28d ago

sad times are comin towards us.

Stanlittle28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Already here... all we talk about now is console sales number and if we will have a disc or not, because we have no good exclusives on the horizon. I can't remember a time PlayStation generation was so dry. We are going on 4 years and all we got was a few mid squeals of the PS4 bangers (Spider Man, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn are all better games on PS4)

gold_drake28d ago

yeh this gen is abit odd.
we're still getting last gen games.

CobraKai28d ago

Yup. Best Buy stopped selling movies so they can suck it. The more they force digital media, the more likely im gonna stop buying games, movies, etc. Screw all these subscriptions and licensing crap

Terry_B28d ago

I doubt it. Nintendo will have one..but Microsoft and Sony? They go digital..and thats fine. I bought exactly 4 games in physical form in the last years.