Gaming Industry No Longer Leaves Room For Any Failures

The industry is so focused on economics and profitability that it has forgotten that failure is sometimes needed for future success.

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Christopher29d ago

Actually, with its focus on economics and profitability it is opening itself up to even more failure.

See: Redfall, Kill the Justice League, Forspoken, Starfield, Immortals of Aveum, etc. And then there's the focus on BR and 5v5 PvP games that compete with existing and already powerhouse games to try and grab a bit of that MTX profit.

They generic-the-heck out of the gameplay and focus on the same glamour we've seen time and time again. We're not being given new games by the big boys, we're being given the same thing with big marketing.

But what do gamers want? Games with a heavy focus on world building and player-defined style of play (BG3, Elden Ring, etc.). But that's too much work for AAA studios. They'd actually have to design to exclude boring idiots and children who can't play adult games. But they are focused on that mass market sweet spot and children who don't know how to not spend money on skins.

Inverno28d ago

Ironic that it's "too much work" but they dk around for 4 or 5 years making a basically nothing. They're spending all this time already and have nothing to show for it. They set these games up for failure in the hopes they'll get lucky and instead have a cash cow. They don't get lucky and it's like if there was at least a game there, all that time wouldn't have been wasted and some actual profit would've been made. Meanwhile GTA5 tops the list every year since 2013 and Sekiro gets GOTY and all these trend chasers are forgotten. It's an embarrassment.

jznrpg28d ago

There are plenty of failures every year. Just look at Xbox for the last decade. Generally the cause is chasing the money and not making a polished fun game.

RhinoGamer8828d ago

Correction, this statement does NOT affect gaming executives.

Demetrius28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It's weird shhi going on, I miss the creativity of the ps360 era, nowadays everybody wana be dark souls, call of duty, fortnite and online only bs smh

fsfsxii28d ago

Lol u were probably complaining back then about the constant barrage of COD clones.

cthulhucultist28d ago

Interestingly enough, this is one of the reasons Nintendo seems to thrive and is rewarded for its strategy and it is likely to continue experimenting with their games.

Despite being one of the greediest companies out there charging 60 usd for basic remasters of over 10 year old games that cost less when they were released (looking at you Luigis Mansion 2 HD) and Paper Mario releasing with half the frame rate of the original, they do have an advantage of developing games that require significantly less resources.

Most of their games do not come with costs attached to triple A high value production games these games like Spider Man, Horizon, Starfield etc as there is no voice acting and motion capture for instance. Music production is also not a requirement for many games.

Their assets are far less demanding (less emphasis on texture work, simple gameplay mechanics and less first party open world games that require tons of developers -exceptions being Zelda and Xenoblade).

Their audience will be happy to play simple graphics games with light content such as Wario Ware, Mario Party, Mario sports etc.

They also had the Wii U era games to tap into during Switch lifecycle for fast easy and cheap ports.

Therefore their development costs are low and the attach rate of their games is high. Add to this the rare and low discounts (33% max) of their first party games, and they have a recipe for success.

With Switch 2 having PS 4 graphics power level and their fanchises using a unique simple art style that does not require heavy development time, they can keep experimenting with their games (as they know they will sell well).

Heck even ring fit adventure sold over 15 million and super mario party sold over 20 million!

This also means that their games generally lack DLC and micro transactions and they keep taking risks (Nintendo Labo, Ring Fit Adventure, Garage Builder, Mario Kart live circuit).

Just my two cents

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aaronaton8h ago

Why QA a game when the general public do it now....

anast6h ago

They will rehire cheaper labor during the restructuring. The stupid thing is that they are struggling and the first thing they do is lower the quality.


Debunked: Blowing On Nintendo Game Cartridges Never Worked

We have all been there! Blowing on a Nintendo video game cartridge when the game we were playing just would not launch or appeared to be glitching.

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Neonridr6d ago

I mean it worked for me. Regardless if it was just a poor connection between the cartridge and the console or some random bug that was preventing the game from loading properly, the placebo effect of knowing your breath is what fixed the game is dead set in the minds of plenty of 80s gamers.

wesnytsfs5d ago

Blow on the game and then use something about hte thickness of a deck of cards in my case it a was plastic sport card holder of about 20 cards that would keep the mechnaism all the eway down. Ahh and the famous left to right shuffle hoping the contact would touch.

VenomUK5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Stupid Zoomer tries to debunk a technique used successfully by millions of people over many years.

Look out for they/them’s next article ‘DEBUNKED! Why the Xbox 360 towel trick is all a myth’.

Cacabunga4d ago

It did work, not only Nintendo but sega genesis and saturn as well

Seraphim4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I mean, sure it worked, but did it work every single time? If the answer is yes then you were probably just lucky, or more likely, not remembering correctly. Regardless, it did work be that luck or scientific reasons.

wesnytsfs1d 1h ago

I literally have the same nes from when i was a kid and it still works doing these things. Played on multiple nes consoels when i was a kid always did the same thing and it would always work eventually. PLayed a ton of tecmo bowl with on diff consoles we all did the same thing to get the contacts to register.

thorstein5d ago

Clearing the dust from inside the cartridge by blowing on it did work.

Perhaps YOU are unfamiliar with how easily dust can disrupt electronics, but entire generations of gamers and computer users are.

DodoDojo5d ago

Yup. The pins would get dirty and dusty, anyone that's cleaned a game with a q tip knows that. Blowing the cartridge out would had have to helped.

Relientk775d ago

It worked for me and my cartridges. So I refuse to believe it's just a myth

shinoff21835d ago

It definitely works. They can go on and on about how it didn't but I was there for 100s of games. It was pretty damn common.

Wretchedstain5d ago

The salt in your saliva is conductive

romulus235d ago

Pretty sure people were supposed to blow on the cartridge not hawk tuah on it.

Lulz_Boat5d ago

i see what you did there LOL