PS5 Dominates, Sales Drop for All Consoles - Europe Hardware Estimates for May 2024

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in Europe

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GaboonViper29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

PS5 = 300,126
Switch = 158,473
Xbox Series = 68,592

Brilliant sales for PS5 and Switch in her twilight years.
Utterly appalling sales for Xbox, my God.

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neutralgamer199229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It will also be interesting what a potential switch 2 will do to current generation consoles. That's why maybe there is the rumored PS5 Pro. I think MS should have released an updated version themselves especially when they are asking $600 for a 2TB version

Ms should just do their next Xbox as a open platform Pc and charge premium like steam deck. Just do Xbox brand PC's. Xbox as a brand is at its least valuable point. So many of their future games are coming to Playstation too I think once Phil finally decides on halo and gears flood gates will open. Just release a gear of war collection before the next one comes out. Your gamepass users are happy to have the games day one and other platforms pay full price so MS generates more money

mkis00729d ago

That is a rumor going around so maybe. It would make sense with their handheld rumors too.

Einhander197229d ago

"I think MS should have released an updated version themselves especially when they are asking $600 for a 2TB version"

The One X sold 6 million or less and the SX is way underperforming the the One by significant margins at this point. A mid gen xbox console would have absolutely been a money flush. Power is not going to sell consoles for them if a 40% advantage failed so badly. And their most popular console by far is the series s.

I would prefer if xbox stopped making xbox hardware and just became a publisher and stopped doing everything they can to make things worse for PlayStation gamers. I am so tired of the near daily B.S.

They started the console war from day 0 of xbox with the goal of bringing down PlayStation and it can't end until they leave. If there was no xbox people could actually talk about games again and not try to destroy anything that isn't on a platform.

Heck the whole reason we even have these articles about sales numbers is because Microsoft wanted to brag about the 360, no one talked about sales before that and no one wanted too except for Microsoft.

They simply aren't doing anything that is making gaming better for the consumer or the industry.

SimpleDad29d ago

Switch 2 could make serious damage to PS by being capable of running all third party software going forward.
Publishers really like Nintendo platform cause software there makes more money.

jznrpg29d ago

@SimpleDad I can not see a Nintendo handheld being able to be as powerful as a PS5 and meeting a price that Nintendo wants to be at.

1Victor29d ago

@neutral: “I think once Phil finally decides on halo and gears flood gates will open. Just release a gear of war collection before the next one comes out”
Phil got no saying on that otherwise PlayStation wouldn’t see any Xbox games including ABK and all the acquisitions

StormSnooper29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

PS5Pro is incoming, and I don’t think MS can afford to offer yet another SKU, the development costs are already sky high because of having 2 different consoles for each game and MS is already losing many indie developer games to PlayStation. but there is also no way they will put gears on PlayStation.

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rlow129d ago

I don’t know how this is a celebration? Console sales are down. It’s been trending this way for awhile. Glad they’re making sales, but the console market overall has slowed. Not a good trend.

Einhander197229d ago

That's not really an accurate take.

Switch is down because of saturation and people know a new Switch is right around the corner maybe even later this year. (still outselling xbox 2:1)

PlayStation is down 9% but last year was the year covid stopped slowing production and everyone rushed to get s PS5 when they were finally available.

PS5 is matching pace with PS4 which was obviously a successful console.

And xbox is... well yeah down 42% YoY, and keep in mind 2023 was also down from 2022.

PlayStation is about to launch a PS5 Pro which is guaranteed to bump sales as people like myself double dip and people who have been waiting for the Pro finally jump in. And it's rumored that PS5 base might finally get it's permanent price drop when the pro launches.

And Nintendo Switch 2 simply needs to play Switch 1 games and that thing is going to sell like crazy.

So things are only looking bad for xbox, everyone else is looking forward to launching new hardware and boosted sales.

rlow129d ago

While I haven’t looked at the actual numbers. The fact of the matter is sales are down. You say that the PS5 is on pace with the PS4. I don’t doubt that but how about the PS2??? Every generation the console market has stayed stagnant. Predictable numbers but no where close to the ps2. That’s the point Xbox was trying to make. If the market was truly growing from generation to generation we already would have had multiple consoles surpassing the PS2. But we haven’t.
Plus this generation is the weakest game wise. Tons of remakes, few first party, a lot of third parties, agenda games, have to be online to play and of course gas. The pro will be a blip on the spread sheet. Factors like price will have a big impact on its sales. Which for the hardcore with deep pockets like yourself. Will come out to buy it. But that’s a niche crowd at best. Just like the PS4 pro. A niche.

Einhander197229d ago

"The fact of the matter is sales are down. You say that the PS5 is on pace with the PS4. I don’t doubt that but how about the PS2???"

I can't even see the goal post anymore!!!

PlayStation is having its most profitable generation (from recent investor report) They have sold 60m PS5's and only recently did PS5 reach 50% of the active user base so PS4 is still contributing significant sales and profits for PlayStation.

And are you going to try to tell me the Switch isn't successful?

"Plus this generation is the weakest game wise. Tons of remakes, few first party, a lot of third parties, agenda games, have to be online to play and of course gas."

Remakes like the highly popular RE Remakes? Or just the Sony ones? (which have also been popular)

There have been enough first party games and those have been boosted by extremely successful 2'nd party Sony published games and since when is third party games a bad thing... 99% (not sourced number) of games on any console are 3'rd party.

And Nintendo is also making a ton of 1'st and 2'nd party published games.

"The pro will be a blip on the spread sheet."

I'll take that bet.

Clearly the PS4 Pro sold well enough that they made a PS5 Pro. PS4 Pro sales were around 20 - 25% of the consoles sold after it's launch, I see no reason why they wouldn't reach a similar audience.

StormSnooper29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


You are wrong. The market has been getting bigger and bigger. You are forgetting that back then there were only two significant console manufacturers. We now have 3.
The market may go up and down, but video gaming market is only increasing in size.

MS’s situation is different because their antics finally caught up to them and people just aren’t as excited for their consoles anymore.

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rlow128d ago (Edited 28d ago )


So my analogy with the PS2 wasn’t well said. The point I was trying to make is that the PS2 has never been surpassed by any console. If the user base was growing, as in newer customers along with the existing ones. If you sold 160 million PS2 (according to Jim Ryan) but the next gen sell only 80 million plus. Where the growth? From a business standpoint that’s a loss. So therefore no growth. Now part of that is because every prior generation released had to start over from the ground up. Hence the console strategy. That was until Xbox ( which you seem to have problems with) changed that with backwards compatibility, Xbox Live, pc strategy and of course gamepass. To bring along the existing installed base. Different than what Sony was saying 5 years back. So has the console market grown?

You pointed out record profits. Was that purely the PS5? No, PC sales played a strong part in those record profits. Which leads to the next question.
If the console market is so strong for Sony, then why are they releasing more and more games on the PC? I think we all know the answer.

With games being so expensive to make and consoles sales not hitting the numbers these companies want. They’re looking more and more to offset the expense by going PC and possibly the switch two when it comes out.

Your correct things have changed but the console market hasn’t and it’s stagnant and the proof is in the actions these companies are taking including Sony.

As for the Pro, really depends on price. If they follow the PS4 pro strategy of launching at the base model price. Then yes, it could bring in new players. Though existing installed base that buy the pro won’t move the needle.

I’ve linked this article for your reading pleasure.


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dveio29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

PS5 only 9% down year-on-year is arguably thanks to their recently released and well-received 2nd and 3rd party line-up.

• NSW down ~57%.
• X|S down ~43%.

Year-to-date, PS5 now has a 5.2:1 sales ratio compared to X|S in Europe.

That's boxslaugther.

S2Killinit29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

300 divided by 68 = 4.41 PS5 consoles are sold per 1 xbox.


Insane? Is this even possible?

Eonjay29d ago

The YTD total is over 5:1 so yes.

Destiny108029d ago

i can understand nintendo sales declining because fans are holding out for the switch 2
i can understand playstation sales declining because fans are holding out for the PS5 Professional
i can understand xbox sales declining

SimpleDad29d ago

Xbox sales declining by pushing subscription model only. Basically Gamepass or nothing.

Hofstaderman29d ago

Those numbers for XBOX...and even after a strong games showcase....damn.

sagapo29d ago

You need good games, not just a good showcase.

LoveSpuds29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It's a small minority of the gaming community who pay attention to showcases or read websites. Showcases are of limited value this far into a consoles life cycle in my view.

I think they are valuable for the first few years to get the core gamers invested and to build the hype, but 4 years in, the 'fans' who watch these things are already invested.

Occasionally you will get a game that reaches through to more casual games and might draw some new consumers, like a Halo or Gears perhaps, but even those franchises have become less desirable with each iteration I reckon.

dveio29d ago

This are May numbers. The Showcase happened in June.

Just for clarification. :)