Review: Riven is a masterful remake of the original sequel to Myst - Entertainium

The Riven remake is an expert modernization and expansion to the original, bringing its gorgeous worlds fully to life.

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Babadook728d ago

I've got fond memories of the IP. I want to play this but I don't have a gaming PC.

Becuzisaid28d ago

Started playing it on the quest 2 today. A little glitchy and chugs every once in a while. Would expect it plays much smoother on quest 3, but it's still a fun way to go back and play the classic. I do miss those cheesy fmv with real actors though instead of cg characters, but I have to imagine that'd be impossible to do with freedom of movement vs the old static screens.


I Nearly Burned Down My Apartment Playing Riven In VR

Riven offers such an immersive experience in virtual reality that you might forget about those bagels you left in the oven.

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Riven (Quest 3) Review - Duuro

Playing Riven on a VR headset in 2024 gives us a glimpse into a bygone era of adventure gaming that trusted players to explore freely without being led by the hand and I don't know how I feel about that...


Riven (2024) Review - Gaming Respawn

Gaming Respawn reviews Riven from Cyan Worlds.

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