Shadow of the Erdtree Steam score plummets to ‘mixed’ amid claims its ‘unfinished’ and ‘empty’

Despite being initially widely praised by the community, manager are now calling Shadow of the Erdtree disappointing for a number of reasons.

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H923d ago

That's the price of going mainstream, you get these people

Leeroyw22d ago

This website. I tell you. AI written drivel. Don't click. They have a shocking track record. It's either paid shilling or negative click bait.

Levii_9222d ago

I mean sure whatever floats your boat casual scrubs. I bet these people can’t even access the DLC.

andy8522d ago

Let's be honest it's not that. It's idiots voting it down because it's too difficult for them

Inverno22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Too many 10s being thrown around, wouldn't really surprise me if there's something to criticize that isn't mentioned in these reviews. This whole "masterpiece" era we're going through really needs to stop. Also is people are criticizing the difficulty, there's probably a few valid reasons. The difficulty spiked once you reached the mountains in the base game, to unfun levels to me.

MrBaskerville22d ago

People being enthusiastic about things, how dare they.

Inverno22d ago

There's enthusiasm and then there's blind fanboyism. I love many games, I'm not blind to their faults. Handing out perfect scores without any criticism only serves to create blind consumerism, which is why this industry is in the state that it's in.

MrBaskerville22d ago

I don't think most see 10/10 as perfection. It just means the reviewer loved it, that they found it special. Doesn't mean it can't have flaws.

neutralgamer199222d ago

I still remember when MGS4 got a 10 and how the community reacted and there was chatter if a game ever should get 10 and now most AAA games get that

Michiel198922d ago

not this shit again

If you don't want some challenging bosses that might take some time to learn and beat them, play another game. They're not gonna make the game for you thankfully.

DivineHand12522d ago

It appears the difficulty did not align with the player's expectations. If the game is too difficult for them, then playing another game is not a real answer since they spent money on the DLC. That would be like throwing money away. I am also assuming the people who are complaining about the difficulty also completed the original game.

If we lived in a perfect world, then refund options would be available to those players and they could simply move on to another game but since this is not the case, their only recourse is to either learn the strategies to overcome the difficulty or complain with the hopes of seeing some change.