Palworld PS5 Version Possibly Being Teased by Pocketpair's Community Manager

Wccftech writes "Pocketpair's Global Community Manager Bucky might very well have teased the highly-anticipated Palworld PS5 version on X."

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romulus2319d ago

I mean it's going to happen at some point.

shaenoide19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Too bad they made it exclusive the hype is over they would have sale this one a l'or on PS5.

ThinkThink19d ago

The game is in early access, which sony doesn't offer. That's the only reason why it isn't on playstation. It will be on playstation by the the time it officially launches late next year.

Michiel198919d ago

yep, they'd be crazy not to release on playstation when 1.0 releases

mudakoshaka19d ago

A little too late. Seems the game has lost its flare.

NotoriousWhiz19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

The game hasn't lost anything. It's in early access. Which means that players will come and go. Besides that, it has a defined start and end. It's not a live service game. It's not meant to be played forever. It has a fully functional single player game (with optional co-op) that can be added to your collection.

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Palworld Announcement Could Be Good News for PlayStation Fans

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Eonjay3d ago

I don't think this news has anything to do with the game coming to PS5... that was already announced some time ago. What the new news means is that they are planning to reach out into other areas besides games such as anime and merchandise.


Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Aniplex, and Pocketpair jointly establish Palworld Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment Japan, subsidiary Aniplex, and Palworld developer Pocketpair have announced the establishment of Palworld Entertainment, a joint venture that will be responsible for developing the reach of the intellectual property and for expanding commercial business endeavors, including the global licensing and merchandising activities associated with Palworld, outside of the game.

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Eonjay3d ago

Does this mean that Palworld is getting an anime?

Abnor_Mal3d ago

Crazy that they’ve formed a partnership of sorts, but the game itself still haven’t been released on PlayStation

badz1493d ago

It's still in Early Access. If it ever goes gold, there will definitely be a PS5 version, might even be a PS4 version too

Abnor_Mal3d ago

I still have no clue what this game is all about, to be honest.

badz1493d ago


If games like ARK is not to your liking, then Palworld wouldn't be your cup of tea either...I think.

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