XDefiant Weapon Mastery Camos to Require Less Grind Based on Feedback, Devs Owe Up to Mistake

Ubisoft will change XDefiant weapon mastery camos to require less grind thanks to feedback, devs explain the multiple changes.

Psychonaut8520d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Isn’t this the thousandth time they’ve done this? Structure things in an abusive way, people complain, they go “we’re listening” and dial it back to a still abusive level (probably the level that they originally wanted) then act like they deserve an award for responding to feedback. Fuck Ubisoft and all the other big boi shitheads playing us for saps.


Report: XDefiant Year 1 Weapons, Season 2 Faction "Highwaymen" and a Lot More Leaked via Datamine

The Season 1 data for XDefiant has been datamined, and it lists the Year 1 weapons, Season 2 faction, new camos and a lot more.


XDefiant on console is "unplayable" due to constant framerate issues, unusable abilities

XDefiant on console has even more issues than its PC counterpart, with players listing framerate drops as its biggest issues.

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just_looken6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

With this game having crossplay along with the new ramp up of cheaters on pc you will no doubt see a huge drop of players in the coming month's. One huge downside of the game being free is the lack of paywall for those that get banned do too a use of cheat menu free games have it worse for cheating.

The new wave of issues on all builds is just the cherry ontop of a cake that was delayed for years but still came out under cooked.

Here is a video of 2 modders on one team


REDGUM6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Mot too sure if this is just me or not but this write up seems way exaggerated. I haven't had many if any problems with this free game at all. I've played it quite abit 50-100 matches so far I'd say and it's run as smooth as butter for me.
Maybe I'm just lucky?
Could it be possibly the players internet connection?
Not giving excuses but just seems odd I've had no or few issues. Certainly no framerate drops that I'm aware of.
Currently playing it on the ps5.


XDefiant Not Rushed, Game Engine Not Made to Do FPS'; Entire Infrastructure Built From Ground Up

XDefiant was not rushed, but it's game engine was not made for FPS', which is what the devs attribute to the game's technical woes.

coolbeans7d ago

Not exactly the vote of confidence you want to see for a live-service game.