‘I have always felt the world was a harsh place’: Miyazaki on why he may never stop making games

As Elden Ring’s much-anticipated final expansion is released, its designer gives a glimpse into how he crafts his harsh, beautiful, rewarding gameworlds

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Abear2130d ago

Isn’t this is how most PC users feel? That is why they have their head far up a motherboards socket, they fear the world and escape to 0’s and 1’s; thank god for nerds who fear outside or we wouldn’t have games /s

anast30d ago

Too much self-depreciation for too little humor.

Abear2130d ago

Your lack of contribution to intelligent conversation is only outdone by your lack of effort with this comment

anast29d ago

Maybe I will learn something from someone that saw fit to use "nerd" in their comment with a forward slash 's'... Seriously, I am not making this stuff up, it's actually happening.

Michiel198930d ago

the comment says more about you than pc gamers.

shinoff218330d ago

The biggest news should be him talking about wanting to make a more traditional jrpg. I'd love to see this, prefer it as well

Yui_Suzumiya30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yeah, something I can actually play. I do everything on Story mode essentially. Can't play any difficult games unfortunately. I always loved the aesthetic of From Software's games and wish they were a little more accessible.


"Stars Reach" MMORPG Announced by Raph Koster: A Spiritual Successor to Star Wars Galaxies

Discover "Stars Reach," the new MMORPG by Raph Koster, featuring a dynamic universe, procedurally generated planets, and robust player housing and economy.

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MestreRothN4G8h ago

Raph Koster wrote the #1 most influential game design book. Nice to see a game coming from him.


Lost Soul Aside Confirmed for ChinaJoy 2024

Game director Yang Bing will attend the event for an interview on July 26th. New gameplay will also potentially be showcased.

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Yuzo Koshiro's PC/Megadrive Shooter: Earthion Trailer #1 Has Been Released

To kick off Bitsummit in Kyoto, Japan. Yuzo Koshiro unveiled a new video for Earthion featuring a sneak peek of new stages and music (with the new YKGGG logo sound!).