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NoobFeed editor Ahnaf Tajwar writes - Wuthering Waves avoids the pressure to spend seen in some gacha games and offers a deep combat system that is both accessible and rewarding for free-to-play players. While the story and world can feel a bit sterile at times, the combat mechanics are a blast to master, and the endgame offers a solid challenge for veterans.

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Wuthering Waves is coming to PS5

Dear Rovers,

We are excited to announce that the PS5 version of Wuthering Waves is now officially in development. We'll provide updates on the official launch time of the PS5 version in the future. Please stay tuned for more information!

Berenger23h ago

Haven't they already announced this announcement twice? I'm confused.

shinoff218319h ago

I thought i seen this last week lol.


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