Payday 3 Next DLC "Boys in Blue" Releases June 20, Here's an Overview of What's in It

The Payday 3 next DLC is titled "Boys in Blue" and it's out June 20! This includes an update that brings new features to base game owners.

fan_of_gaming29d ago

Good to see that the new update will include the first step toward the offline mode they announced previously


The Fall of Payday 3

From a hyped sequel to a title that barely averages 1,000 players daily on Steam - how did Payday 3 fall so far in such a short period?

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“Payday 3” has just released its “Operation Medic Bag” patch for PC and consoles

"Deep Silver and Starbreeze are today very happy and excited to announce that they have just released the “Operation Medic Bag” patch for “Payday 3” to PC and consoles." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Payday 3 offline mode is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox, with a catch

Four months after Payday 3 launched on Xbox and PlayStation, work on a Payday 3 offline mode is finally underway but it might be too late.

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LG_Fox_Brazil155d ago

The 'offline mode' needs internet connection? Huh?

gold_drake155d ago

huh ??
whats the point of an offline mode if u need an internet connection haha so dumb.

clevernickname155d ago

I wish more games had the option for AI companions/bots instead of forcing your to play online.

Inverno155d ago

Remember when lan parties were the norm, and people were shitting on ubi for their always online bs that most other devs would avoid doing the same? Good times.

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